Its been a few weeks since I last wrote about my journey towards being a USANA Diamond.

Its an interesting journey as this is not only about me but more so about everyone in the team who directly and indirectly impact me into becoming the person I aspire to be.


I remember once when I was in Singapore one of my USANA Members in the team saying to me “ I take two steps forward and then I need to take one step backwards”. She said it in frustration as most people would. We all want to move fast from post to post and make rank advancements as quickly as we can.

In my case I sometimes take one step forward and before I know it I am forced to take 2 steps backwards. I now look at this as consolidating my position. I now call it “becoming the better, stronger leader within” before I can move forward.

USANA Business Success - How To Become A USANA Member
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Learn From People Better Than You

I am learning to deal with all sort of situations and people. Situations where people place blame on team members or team for their lack of advanacement, to myself thinking how can I grow into a better person to help others.


These I could call growing pains as seen in teenagers when they have huge growth spurts in adolescence. Business is so much like a teenager – moody, temperamental and painful when growing.

But the experience of growth is exciting and challenging for what lies ahead. The mystery of growing is attractive and mesmerising.  I am becoming the better leader I always wanted to be. I never knew I had to go through all this but sure its seems wonderful now that I am faced with their opportunities to learn and grow.

In the last four months I have heard great stories about success from ordinary people gone before me. Some of these stories I am capturing and adding them here on this blog to motivate people just like me to aspire for more.

Stay tuned as I will add more to this journey of mine in becoming the Diamond I want to be. My Diamond, My Life!

Claude Fullinfaw

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