Here is a lesson worth taking in.

A few months ago I sat down with my mentor in the Philippines and he shared a simple yet effective way to look at life. He showed me how so many of us work so hard for a living giving up precious time just to earn. And while we do that we also trade our health in. Chasing a ‘myth’. Its about working so hard hoping life will turn out good at the end. Trying our best to save up a good enough nest egg in savings to retire on.

The Irony Is …

The irony is many of us will die prematurely before the age of 65. This is due to health conditions such as heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, etc. All caused by the lifestyle we lead just to get ahead in life. The ones remaining, the ones living will be either working too hard at time of retirement or dependent on family or welfare to take care of them. Only a few people will be financially well off to live their lives out very comfortably.

Lets Look At Life As It Is Now …

Before we look to the future lets look at a normal working day for an ordinary employee right now. What is our lives looking like right now, this week. This can well fit into the life of a self employed person too. So don’t ignore it as I was self employed and thought i was doing well until I read the book “RICH DAD POOR DAD‘ by Robert Kiyosaki in 2003.

So lets take a look into our day.

Most people work 9 hours a day possibly 5 days a week. Some do work 6 days but lets say we work 5 day.

If we look at the photo here we see that people work from 8 am to 5 pm and this is taking as normal. This is taken as normal if we want to earn an income. But do people just work 9 hours a day? In my opinion now from what I learned is that most people’s working day isn’t just the 9 hours spent at work.

It starts the moment they wake up in the morning. From the moment they wake up at 5 am to the time they arrive at work. Every single moment from that dreaded alarm going off to clocking in at work should be added to their working day. Why?

Because all they do after waking up is focus on work related tasks.

Now the same thing happens after work too. They are rushing home  to get back so they can get ready for the next day’s work. Little thought is placed on exercise, family time, etc. They would rather sacrifice personal health in favor of preparation of the next day’s work. Isn’t this familiar? Have you done this before? I certainly have.

We work at least 13 hours a day around work related tasks!

This accounts for over 13 hours a day towards work related tasks. Leaving the person with just 11 hours to spare. The question is “is this free time. Your free time?”

I doubt it. This time is not free as the individual needs to complete a number of tasks before he goes to work the next day.

Lets see what these are. Here are some tasks that have to be taken care of:

  • Wash and iron clothes,
  • Prepare the evening meal,
  • Sometimes prepare the meal for next day’s lunch too,
  • Help kids with their home work,
  • Watch a bit of TV,
  • Certainly Facebook time is needed.
  • And then finally some sleep.

If this person is lucky he or she will have 5 to 6 hours sleep.

Imagine Working 40 Years In This Routine?

Now this person does this routine over and over again not just for a few days or weeks but for their entire lives. They work like this for over 40 years until retirement. This is the race they have got themselves into. And as their income grows its harder to get out of the race as they get so used to the rewards that they are willing to sacrifice their free time just to have this so called lifestyle. Is this Rate Race worth living?

I know of factory employees, directors of companies and even self employed people work these crazy hours, living this rat race. All the while presuming they are a success in life.  And what is surprising is they do it for just survival. Not knowing the trap they have gotten into until its just too late.

Why Do I Say This …

Until all they worked for is either lost and they then question why did they work so hard. Or one day on their death bed their family says to them “why did you work so hard? We just wanted your time not money?”. Its too late to repent then.

So is it worth it…

Slaving away at a desk 9 hours a day for 40 years with a promise that their retirement will be secure if they do so.

I hope you see the logic behind all this.

In Conclusion…

Have you learned from my initial introduction on this page on how many people may not live to retirement age and then explaining how much we work towards a myth of living forever in comfort.

So the argument now is why focus on the destination (retirement) only. Why not focus on the journey (living life) as well. Why not have fun while you work now and enjoy life now too.

Some questions to ponder upon …

  • What if you can earn back those 9 hours you spend behind a desk and be able to live a more purposeful life having more free time for yourself and family?
  • What if you could be able to get those dreams you once had as a young man or woman now instead of just waiting for retirement?

Anything is possible if we envision it.

If you are open to learn more do message me and I shall help you.

Claude Fullinfaw

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