Work At Home In The Philippines Part Time!

Can this be a possibility for people in Manila? Well in late 2016 a lady (lets call her Lyn) from Cavite decided to take her financial future in her hands.

Upto this point in time she had been working as a bagger (someone who packs shoppers bags) at the cashier counter for a major retailer right here in Makati in Manila. She had worked for LandMark for over 22 years, a single mum of two kids and had very little to show for all those years of hard work.

She felt her family deserved more and so pushed her comfort zone out to embrace network marketing and trust the lady who had the courage to share the home based business opportunity with her back then.

How to be a Usana Distributor in the philippines
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Find out why its is easy to earn US dollars right here in the Philippines

Like most people who join an MLM company she jumped right in, started learning the system and did face problems, rejections and hardships in the initial days, weeks and months like most people.

However unlike most people she did not allow the setbacks to worry her at all. Her “Why” was too big. Her pain was huge and so big its squashed any rejections that came up, any pain from prospecting. Her only focus was to start earning income, just to add to her small wage as an employee. It was fairly easy to equal as she probably earned just under $400 a month. Within no time she was able to equal her income.

Fast forward to about 14 months from joining up in her MLM company and she hit $1000 USD the week I met her in Nov 2017. You should see the joy and relief she had on her face. She is currently earning probably about 80 to 100,000 pesos a month. Not bad for someone who once earned just 15,000 pesos a month. But she has sights now set high. I guess that wont be long as she will hit $1000 US a week soon.

so …

How can we learn from Lyn? How can we change our lives too?

Its the end of 2017 right now and I am sure many of us are evaluating the last 12 months of performance and wondering how can the next 12 months be different positively?

One way is …

Well taking action immediately on opportunities out there, getting involved and applying yourself and then monitoring those actions is very crucial for success. Remember success is doing small things repeatedly and tweaking things to slowly get closer to your goal.

If you want advice and looking for a way out of the maze, the rat race you are in, then send me a MSG through my site and I shall reach out and help you.

Lets make 2018 a year to remember. A year to be proud of. A year where our successes in the future will be pegged on.

Why! Because we took action.

This is Claude Fullinfaw.

Currently in Makati, Manila.



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