Friends as 2018 approaches I am excited as I can feel the wind changing around me. I am setting my sails to gather this change and empower me so I soar and become a Diamond Director next time this year at the end of 2018. In fact I have set December 15th 2018 as my date to get to Diamond.

Work smart by facing failing as a part of the change factor
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Failures Are Part Of Change, Embrace It

Just like a kite needs to embrace the wind and soars higher if the wind is stronger against it. I too will need to push and strain harder against everything that holds me back right now so that I can attract the right leaders around me for me to reach my goals in 2018. Find out more!

Right now I am working in Manila, Philippines and am teaching people to work smarter and work part time from home.

Many people right now two days before Christmas are planning their vacation for the next week or so. Their 13th month bonus will be spent on trivia to please their long awaited wants. Few of these people will be spending time planning their next 12 months. In fact the lives will move in ‘default mode’ into 2018 and they will wonder why things are still the same.

But not you. After reading this note here you will set your daily’s, your kite of life will soar higher and you will reach higher highs as the months of 2018 turn over.

Lets talk in 12 months when we again look back at the year, evaluate our performances and then plan for the next 12 months.

Remember its the actions we take now that will make the next 12 months better. Don’t wait till January 1st 2018 to come. By starting now you have a head start and will be so far ahead than most people.

Looking forward to connect with you soon.

This is Claude in Manila


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