Friends Good Morning!

I am pumped up. Last night at 10pm I had Itunes on and the podcast was on “change and how all of us are contributing towards change we see around us”.

The lesson learned is worth me sharing today with you ?

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I am driving back to Brisbane late last night from Maroochydoor. Was at Toastmasters and had a ball. But this is not about my public speaking. Much more exciting.

I had a podcast from MLN on. The episode was #125 in case you too want to hear it to see why I am so pumped up this morning. The speaker was 7 Figure Income Earner Evan Klassen.

The podcast was on and the speaker was evangelical about Network marketing today and why now in 2016.

Yes you may snigger or laugh at me but wait – when you come to the end of this post I am certain I would have got you thinking whether having an opinion is worth having at all. It just may cost you a lost opportunity ?

So if you are still with me let’s begin shall we …

Evan said economic times are changing rapidly. We are aware of that right!

What was apparently the best ways to do business 50 or 30 or even 5 years ago are not applicable today. More so today! Why?

Before I explain that –

he went on to say that 40 of the Top Companies in the world will not exist in the next 10 years. It’s a bold statement!

Or is it? Maybe not ?

Just look around the Australian landscape.

Companies like Ford and Holden have shut shop. The once icons of the car industry and employment in Australia. Very recently we saw another icon go into receivership – Dick Smith.

Why is this happening?

With modernisation people are no longer needed in many industries. Robots are replacing humans while machines replace labour. This process is just going to dispose more people out of working. Today with globalisation more jobs are lost due to cheaper labor.

With 3D Printing coming in soon entire manufacturing plants will not exist. Can you see the picture.

We all know that. That’s been happening for the last 15 years now.

So why should you keep reading?

So why is the speaker so bold enough to say network marketing has reached the tipping point? The tipping point where people will consider doing business with a distributor from a network marketing company. Why?

But first let’s look at something more recent as last year. 2015!

And why this caught my attention. This got me excited that I hardly slept last night. This got me writing this post.


Let’s look at Uber! This company did not exist 12 months ago, before 2015. Yet it’s worth 50 Billion in early 2016.

Fifty Billion!

Just imagine that!

It’s a taxi service company for God’s sake. Yet it does not even own a single taxi. Not a single car.

It shaken, shaken down the cab industry in Brisbane, Australia, to its knees.

Not only that, it has displaced an industry globally that has been around for over 100 years in a flash of an eye and it’s changing how people do business with each other.

Have you thought about that?

For once people are Accepting main stream to trust another person instead of a large company.

Trusting a local family man, a stranger to pick you up in a clean, up to date car, with politeness and take you to the airport, hospital, shopping or the restaurant of your choice. How strange is that? No one would have believed that this could happen, yet it is.

Not so anyone!

How did UBER do all this in less than 20 month globally?

It’s simple!

With people power.

People trusting people and wanting to do business with people they trust, not with big companies any more.

People networking with each other. I am sure you have used Uber by now and recommended their service to your contacts. This is networking at its core. This is referral marketing working.

And UBER did not pay us to make a single referral. We did it and still doing it. Why?

Another example is Air BNB. This massive hotel chain is worth over 20 Billion yet doesn’t own a single room. How do they do it? By people power again. By trust. One person trusting another. One person allowing someone to use their home on trust and respect for a small fee.

The speaker in the podcast, Evan said that the one thing that will never change in spite of technology is –

?people wanting to connect with people.
?. People wanting to be cared and taken care of.
? People wanting to be made special.

No software in the world will ever replace this. No social media will ever replace this.

Tapping into this power, this energy is the secret of network marketing. The secret of leverage. Are you using any sort of leverage today to earn your living. If you are not you are going to miss out on the biggest opportunities around us today. ?

In conclusion if you are worrying

1. about your future,
2. worrying about finding a way how to get ahead in life quicker
3. then use leverage to help you.
4. Find a good network marketing company to speed you along the way.

Questions I like posing to you now:

What things in your life would you change for a better version of it out there?

Why would you want that change?

What are you going to do to get that to happen?

I hope this post has got you thinking.


If you feel you are worth more than what you currently being paid, maybe starting your own network of referrals, like UBER did, maybe the answer?

Maybe network marketing possibly could be an option ?

Have I got you intrigued?

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