Dear Friends,

Early last week I spoke to you about story telling.

I spoke to you about creating your own story about why you are doing Network marketing.

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Listening To Clients


Remember that people need to know your story. You must start sharing your story more often why you are doing your network marketing business.

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But before you tell them your story there is yet another story that’s far more important – and it’s their story. Your prospect’s story.


Find out what is happening in their lives!

  • What is important to them right now in their life! The one story your prospect never gets tired of sharing is their story. ?
  • What is happening in their life!
  • What are their pains and hardships and challenges!
  • What are their dreams, visions and aspirations!
  • What are their fears that hold them back!

By asking them to share their story and just listening you can gleam so much from them.

Listening allows you into their world. By giving them time and a listening ear they will warm to you.

Most people rarely ask them

“Tell me what’s happening in your life since I last met you?”

They go straight for the sales pitch. It’s not how we should do business. We need to care more about what truly is happening in the prospect’s life. Even if it’s at the cost of making two visits to get them to take a look at what you do.

For the rest of this week start to show people you care by allowing them to speak.

There are times my prospects have spoken for 2 hours or more before I got a word in. But when I do speak I normally get a sale in 15 to 30 minutes because by then they have started to trust me. It’s worth the two hours of listening.

In my 15 minute spiel I gave them the right product information based on needs I had taken from their story. Strangely my solution was no longer mine, it was theirs and all of a sudden they wanted it asap.

Listening is the most powerful tool, more powerful than talking.

I hope you have learned from this lesson of mine today.

God bless!

Claude Fullinfaw




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