So why did I join Toastmasters!

When I first heard about Toastmasters I felt it was a place where you learned to raise a toast. Its a funny name for a great place of learning.

I suppose many of you too would have had that thought too. Sadly years ago I did not bother to ask people what Toastmasters is all about. In 2013 I first heard about Toastmasters in a total different light. I heard that it was an organization where public speaking and leadership was taught at. Where one did not have to be fluent in English to be a part of it. I was hungry to rank advance in my global company and wanted to groom myself to be the leader within before I attracted leaders to my team. I needed to better myself first.

I needed to gain confidence in speaking. My current career in network marketing puts me in front of people all the time. I get to talk to people and I wanted to learn how to talk effectively and confidently. I also wanted to be able to speak impromptu. Toastmasters helps us to get good at speaking off the cuff. Something I wanted to perfect.

Another area I found I could improve was in the evaluations that we are called upon to give people. As Toastmasters we need to give evaluations on other people’s speeches. We must listen attentively to be able to give effective evaluations. This certainly has helped my listening skills.How can you be of assistance to someone if you dont listen well.

As a professional network marketer I must always listen more and speak less. Certainly this skill was a great benefit learning. Today I get more sales as my listening skill is much better than it was when I first began my career.

Another aspect about Toastmasters is giving good evaluations. Why are evaluations important?  Evaluations bring out the best in people. If given well the person whom the evaluation is given to can be empowered to do more the next time round they give a speech. They get encouragement to keep on keeping on – to get better. A very powerful tool in leadership.

The reasons why I joined Toastmasters are many. For now these may have to suffice. Lets talk about other reasons why the next time I write on the subject of Toastmasters.

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