Why working hard is not good enough!

Why Do I Need to Make More Money Today?

A few years ago a group of researchers studied the progress of 100 students from a batch of passing out University Graduates in the USA. The study was so alarming that its was again done a few years later with the same results.

Just 5% were well off not to worry about “I Need Money Desperately!

The alarming thing about the study was that only 5% of the students at the time of retirement were either wealthy or financially well off. From the 5% of successful students only 1% had a net worth of over 2 Million dollars at the time of retirement and did not Need Cash Today. Off the remaining 4% they enjoyed incomes of over $100,000 each year from their investments. These 5% saw a need to make more money.

The study showed that these retirees had planned for retirement and either had businesses or had investments working for them.

I Need Cash Now -Not Planning Can Lead To Failing!

So what about the remaining college students were went out into the world and worked for a living. These graduates were found to be very successful during their working life. Most had either 6 figure incomes of close to six figure incomes but somehow failed to have enough savings at the time of retirement. This is why they now cry – “I need to make more money!”

Just imagine that from the 95% remaining college graduates 5% were still working at the age 65. All you have to do is look around you to get evidence of this. Today we see people well into their 60’s working hard for survival. These people are seen at the airports pushing trolleys, security personal, super market staff, taxi drivers, small franchise owners, etc. They realize that they need to keep on working because their savings may not or will not be enough if they don’t keep bringing money into the home.

I need to make more money now!

The research showed that 36% of the students who passed out were dead well before retirement. Unfortunately stress, bad eating habits probably from poor incomes or work place practices created lifestyles for these people that they died well before they could see retirement age. I am not sure if they were the lucky few or not. But what if they had a better life that they could have been more healthier to have lived on into their retirement years to enjoy the fruits of their working years. Unfortunately not!

The last group of people ie 56% of the students were not in a physical or mental capacity to work at the time of retirement and hence had to be either be looked after by family or by the state.

These people had probably good jobs during their working life at their careers. Unfortunately they just had not enough savings when retirement came.

What had happened was they had failed to plan for their later years.

I Need To Make Money and Not Be Living Pay-Check To Pay-Check!

What is even more alarming is that today people are still living paycheck to paycheck. They have mounting credit card debt which does not include home mortgages and student loans.

Quite a few of these people try to go out and find jobs at retirement and have to fight for work against the rising un-employment levels that doesn’t make it any easier. But what if you are unemployed need money now?

Are There Any Solutions To ‘Earn Money Now’?

So how do people get ahead? How do people plan for the future and still have an enjoyable life while they work? How do people plan so they don’t fail like this?

If you are looking for clever ways to add to your present incomes to help you save more for a better lifestyle, pay of either home debt or credit card debt or just save for retirement then download our e-book on the different ways you can work part time and live a better live.

Need To Make More Money!

Claude Fullinfaw


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