Listening to this Network Marketing podcast by MLM Nation last Wednesday while driving to the Sunshine Coast to attend the Sunshine coast Toastmasters I was taken in by this young African American Migrant in the US. More Stories!

She said certain truths about migrants and the frustrations of a migrant settling into their new country of residence. How she found her self worth when she was open to look at the home based business opportunity in her MLM company and the successes she has been experiencing.

There are so many nuggets of Gold in her talk that I felt I needed to share it here on my blog with you. Hope you benefit from it too.

Claude Fullinfaw
USANA Gold Director,
Brisbane, Australia
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Simon Chan wrote:


Never give up on your prospect. Martha Ermias shares why they will come when they see you’re successful. A prospect is a prospect until death do us part. Also why immigrants make the perfect prospect

Who is Martha Ermias?

Martha Ermias is originally from Eritrea, a tiny east African country and cam

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