My Problem Is …”I need more money now”.

When I need to make more money today it seems so unlikely I can even save a dime towards my future. It is easy for superannuation firms in Brisbane Australia to advise clients to put away money when most people struggle living paycheck to paycheck. Especially when I need more money to pay my bills. More tips!

Imagine if you were earning a good 6 figure income and felt that possibly you could put aside some spare cash. In the example shown in a previous article of mine a few weeks ago I showed my readers that most people will struggle to even break even after paying for bare necessities such as house repayments, car repayments, telephone and internet, food and clothing. What about schooling and credit card debt. Then there is the big question what about savings for retirement. So with issues around ‘I need more money’ how can people plan for retirement?

Most people work a good 40 plus hour week.  So as you can see with limited time on our hands to make extra cash we must look for ways to solve the I need more money now question.

Super: the easy way to become a millionaire. Putting any spare cash into your super when you’re young can make a massive difference.

Let’s face it: superannuation is depressing. It means getting old. Saggy skin. Weak knees. Rotten teeth. Ailments.

No one wants to waste time worrying about that when their knees are strong, and their skin clear and firm.

But that’s just it: you don’t need to worry about it to get super right. It’s actually about as easy as falling off a log.

Say you’re 21 and have just landed a $50,000-a-year job. If you put aside an additional $50 a week to put into your super until the age of 35, you will end up with an extra $420,000 in your super.

If you can stretch to $100 a week, then you will end up earning almost $1 million extra by the time you retire. That’s plenty to get those rotten teeth and gammy knees sorted.

Compound interest is the main selling point (how to make money with no money). Learn more by read up on the article at How to make more money?.

What if you could save $100 a week for 40 years and solve the I need to make more money now issue.

Now if you do save the $100 cash a week from age 20 onwards right into your retirement year you have a great chance of making a million dollars. But have you asked your financial planner or adviser what the value of this million be at the time of your retirement. What about inflation eating into your nest egg.

Another factor to look into is how much will 1 Million dollars in savings give you weekly and how long will it last.  If you do your maths at 5% interest it will last you probably until age 80 or 85 and maybe give you around $1000 a week as pension. Now that’s pretty good but if there is the two  (considering you have a spouse to take care of too) of you to feed, clothed and entertain then a $1000 will not go too far. Especially with inflation eating into your money in 20 to 30 years.

The next question not answered is what happens if either of you live beyond 85. Will the money saved still be there to cater to your living expenses towards the end of your life.

We must also bear in mind the fact that as we age the expenses to stay healthy increases. Most retirees see the doctor more often in the later years than when they are young. Eye care, joint health issues are more evident often after you cross age 65.

A thought to get rid of the 'I Need More Money'.

Now if you could put away $100 pay from our pay packets or even possibly $500 a week towards investments. Possibly get financial security faster in place than the current plan you are in now will that be interesting?

Currently you are working hard to not only live but also save for retirement if you can. Is this working to plan? Possibly not. So while working hard may not be the real problem, making extra money to solve the ‘I need more money’ now is the real issue.

What if we could share a way that you can work hard and party hard and still have enough money to put aside towards your retirement years would you be keen to know more. Life is about enjoy and not skimping yet being cautious enough to enjoy later as well. What if you could have both?

Maybe you have come to the right place because we could have that answer for you right now.

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