What is an employee?

The definition of an employee by Wikipedia is

What is an employee – “An employee is a term for workers and managers working for a company, organization or community. These people are the staff of the organization. Generally speaking, any person hired by an employer to do a particular job is an employee.”

Now that you know that you are hired to do a certain job at the office for a set wage you have no recourse to ask for more wages as time goes on unless its specified in the contract or you have added extra value to the work place and brought in more money. You must make sure you have in place the most common employee benefits in your contract before you start working.The work place is moving more towards a performance based model rather being stuck in the old model of seniority where you are entitled to get a raise just because you have been there for 10 years. We shall go over the list of employee benefits seen in companies in 2015.

What is employment?

In Wikipedia it is the ..

“Employment is a relationship between two parties, usually based on a contract, one being the employer and the other being the employee.”

You must look at evaluating your contract from time to time with your employer. Make sure you have increased your skill sets regularly and are at the cutting lead of the science or technology available to deliver more to the company that what is being asked. This way you will always have a job and possibly be paid more than your fellow work mates. This is one area where most employees slip as they rarely upgrade their skills after they sign up with a company. Study is the last thing on on agenda.

Types of Employee Benefits Seen

(Just do your own employee benefits search too)

Now the list of employee benefits seen in offices around Brisbane are:

  • If permanent you are entitled to 4 weeks sick leave
  • You also have access to paid sick leave as well as unpaid sick leave
  • Some companies may even give you an allowance for petrol, telephone and meals
  • And some companies will go a bit further and maybe give you a small bonus at Christmas
Wait a minute - are you happy with the most popular employee perks?

If you are I want you to think about this…

I want you to just imagine being an employee for a second with these great employee benefits packages. Yes you have a job and that’s great. But isn’t it similar to the life of a jail bird where you are being forced to go to work each day for the fear of losing your employment. All because you need the income to pay for your family expenses. Prisoners work in similar conditions. They too are forced to do work (yes maybe for far less and definitely they are rounded up at night and trucked back to prison). They are just like you.

The only difference with an employee is that they can go home each night to sleep in the bed at home as part of the company benefits for employees. But if they don’t turn up next day for work they are in trouble with the employer. The employer owns your time.

For what? The small wage the employer gives you each week. You live in silent fear that if you don’t perform you will be among those made redundant today in the country.

So what may be the ideal job? Here are some clues that I have found that can be possible if you un-learn what you know and learn new concepts especially because the world is moving in that direction in the 21st Century.

The Ideal Job Attributes, List of Employee Benefits Should Look Like..

  • You can pick your own hours
  • You can pick your own work place
  • You can even work from home if you want
  • You get to pick your work mates
  • You can set your own pay level and raise it whenever you wish
  • You get travel incentives thrown in for your achievements
  • You get bonuses on top of what you get paid weekly
  • You get recognized for your achievements at work. Your photo comes out in the monthly company magazine and you get celebrated at company events
  • You get to hone in on your growth in personal development and leadership development
  • You don’t have to work under pressure as seen in the normal work place nor do you have to put up with office politics
Just imagine...

If you could enter a company that has a list of employee benefits such as the list seen above!

Now do you work in such a congenial atmosphere right now with the ideal types of employee benefits? What if there was a way you could get the ideal job with a list of employee benefits that makes life so much pleasant and start working in a company part time and over the course of the next 2 years make the transition from a pressured employee to one that is highly satisfied, motivated and happy. Are you open to look at opportunities that have the types of employee benefits you are now open to look at?

Then the answer lies in owning the business that employs you. That way you have control your list of employee benefits.

If you are an employee looking for a way to make extra income, have the right type of employee benefits or even better get into a home based business then the Connect with me here for more tips.

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