My Weight Loss Pre Weight Photos before the 5 Day RESET

Here is the start of my weight loss journey in 2014. Like many of us, I was stacking on the weight and staying slim was quite a task. I was around 16 to 20 kgs over weight. My highest being 94 kg a few years ago. Then in 2013 I felt I somehow had to find a way to stop getting more over weight. Click here to get my notes!

This was when I saw the USANA RESET Competition coming up and felt I could try and make that work. Initially I felt I just try and lose some weight. So like many of the competants I bought the 5 Day RESET as well as the Transform packs from Usana and started. But as the weeks went by and I started to see results I felt I could actually lose more weight than I had initially hoped to.

So this is my story about how I did lose weight and I felt if we had a starting point of what I looked like before the 5 Day RESET to where I actually got to 90 Days later you will appreciate the effort and sacrifice I put into myweight loss. I thought narrating all this in a story form will inspire you to take action and lose weight too.

Look out for my next episode of weight loss soon.

Claude Fullinfaw
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