Rat Race definition:

Define Rat Race – What Does Rat Race Mean: A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of the futile efforts of a lab rat trying to escape while running around a maze or in a wheel.

Have you noticed this?

now that you know the rat race definition lets look around and you will see people who seemingly have great jobs yet they appear stress as much or more than people who have lower paid jobs. Why is this so….????

A question is why is it most people are struggling or putting up with hardships at work.
Such as

  • lower pay,
  • may be back biting,
  • politics at work, etc.

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Why do they work longer hours for less money.
Life doesn’t have to be that way!

Why can’t people think about escaping the rate race? We need to address this more seriously. May be its fear, fear of losing their job, the security they have.

Most people in the rat race complain silently, would you agree?

Even if they don’t admit they are under stress.
They are living pay check to paycheck.
Straddled with debt!

They are scared to complain too much in case the bosses find someone else who will be prepared to do the job instead.
Today’s unemployment rate has made it very easy for employers to pick who they keep and who to fire.
Because for every one who complains there is someone out there who will take that very job and be willing to work for less.

Have you seen that happen in your work place yet?

More On Escaping The Rat Race!

Now here is something interesting to take note of…

In two independent surveys spaced a few years apart 100 college students were tracked over their working life of 40 years in the US.
All these students had gone to the same Universities.
All got the great paying $100,000 jobs at the end of their university degrees.
Yet there were marked differences in many of them at the time of retirement. Want to know more then …

Watch the rat race movie on YouTube

Lets follow them escaping the rate race shall we!

The results of this study were

It was found only 5% were well looked after at time of retirement.

They Planned well and follow the plan!
In fact 1% had incomes of over $2Million a year
4% had net incomes of over $100K a year
All this was because they invested wisely over the working career.

They invested in business.
Some of them even owned big businesses.
These people plan not to fail.

Very few people around our circles fit into this above category.
You agree!

So what happened to the 95% of people from the class of college grads.

Most probably you will fit into this group. Most people will, so lets see what lies ahead for you, or me and maybe we can be more proactive towards creating a brighter future for us – lets plan not to fail.

Well these 95% people also got good jobs as well, worked hard all their working life for 40 years just like their friends who we just read about.
Although with a marked difference.
What happened was …
They failed to plan well enough. They found escaping the rat race too hard.

And because of that…

54% were at time of retirement are being looked after by their children or some even by the state.
What a legacy to leave our children that they should look after us in our old age if this was to happen to any of us.
These people were not capable to work after 65 age.
They were medically unfit to do so.
Sadly leading very poor quality lives.
Do you know of people who are leading very poor quality of lives, possibly in wheel chairs, nursing homes due to diabetes, stroke, etc? And they are not yet 65 years old? Do you know any?

36% of these people are dead sadly due to the pressures that life threw at them.
Long working hours, stress, financial worries, marriage breakups lead to this.
Probably they had the easy way out.
But what if they could have lead less stressful lives, had more money to eat well, exercise regularly and relax more –
maybe they could have lived longer? May be they may have had better quality lives?
But it wasn’t the case. Just look around you and see how many people die before age 65 now.
Due to heart attack, cancer today, etc.
There is evidence this is true. We must avoid being a part of this group too.

The last group…

5% remaining at time of retirement – well sadly are still working.
They are physically and mentally fit to hold down a job to do work and pay their way.
We see these people as elderly courier drivers, taxi drivers, super mart cashiers. postal service clerks, airport clerks, coffee shop owners, etc. They are everywhere around us trying to stretch their super (savings) to last a bit longer into their old age. They are still in the ‘rat race’.

So knowing this what I shared about the rat race are you going to going to take action today and make escaping the rat race a reality.

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