It interesting how we learn something everyday that’s new.

A few years ago I learned a lesson on the power of  leverage. I had no idea about the Law of Leverage.

It was in the summer of 2014 while attending a seminar in Brisbane I was introduced to the idea of working smarter and saving time while doing so.

How I Learned That I Could Save 36 Years Off My Working Life Span

A Mumpreneur from Canada was the main speaker at an event I attended and she was sharing how we can shave years of employment if only we knew the secret on how to.

This intrigued me. As I love working smart.

Disclaimer: Now what I am sharing may not suit you and if that’s the case its perfectly ok to disagree with me. However, if you are someone like me who would rather work hard for a few years and have the rest of your life free to enjoy then the next few paragraphs may be worth reading.

I am going to explain two scenarios. One will be working like you do right now and obviously the second one is working smart.

So lets look at Scenario One

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Do You Want To Have Leverage Working For You?

Imagine you do work and its a 50 hour week.
Over a year that’s 2500 hours.

If you were to work 10 years that will be 25,000 hours that you would have put into your employment or business.

Now if you are 20 years old and you work until 60 years old then the hours worked would be 100,000 hours.

What you must realize here is that at the time of retirement everything you see around you is the direct or indirect result of all the work you contributed to your business, community and to your customers. All the memories you gathered, the trips away on holidays and the successes you have seen throughout your life are a result on how well you worked in those 40 years or 100,000 hours worked.

Something To Ponder About!

What we see here is the fact you traded your TIME for everything you wanted in life. In other words all your dreams that came through was a result of working those 100,000 hours put in.

So the question is what if we can save 30 or 35 years off a traditional 40 year working life plan. What if we can do all this in just 4 years. Would that interest you a bit if you can get your dreams within 4 years rather than working for 40 years.

So lets get to scenario two now…

Scenario Two – Working With Leverage

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The Power Of Team Work Working For You

Here we will look at working your present job.
However, we will take on something parttime to add some extra income to our existing salary.

So imagine just working an extra 5 hours a week on a special project called Project X.

What if you did find just 4 people who like you wanted to earn a bit more. And those 4 found another four people. Eventually if that group of people reached 100 people that you partnered with. Now with time this number will surely increase but for now lets assume its just 100.

So if those 100 people were to just work 5 hours a week we will have effectively 500 hours working for you. All all this is in one week.

Over 52 weeks it will be 25,000 hours as compared to your 2,500 hours you would have worked all by yourself in one year. You have increased your work output 10 times by working smart.

But it gets even better…

Over the next 4 years this output would have grown to 100,000 hours of work. If you look at the example above it took us 40 years to achieve the same result.

You have literally saved 36 years of working behind a desk.

This phenomenon is called Leverage. This is the Law of Leverage.

So the question you need to ask yourself is …

  • Do you have leverage working for you right now for you in your working life?
  • Are you working all by yourself for your dreams?
  • Would you like to work smarter and harder instead of just harder?

If you feel you want to speed that process up and want to work with a team of exciting and dynamic people then message me and lets have a chat how you too can shave a few years off the time you need to get to those dreams of yours.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Claude Fullinfaw


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