Weight loss for me was very serious in early 2014. I badly wanted to lose weight and decided that I had to get a few things in place if I was to win at my Usana RESET.

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Let me help you today!
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Let me help you today!

USANA RESET is simple to follow but it can be daunting and not as easy if you dont take it seriously. Like most things in life you should do the RESET with focus and have a goal of how much weight you wish to lose.

PS: If you want to gain or main weight the RESET Program by USANA is ideal. This is why its called the RESET Weight Management Program

Here we will look at what I did to lose weight as I was 17 kgs too fat and need to get my weight down from 88kg.

Here are 5 Things a set about doing to make my weight goal a reality.

Number Four is the most important and you will know why when you come to it.

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1. Buy the 5 Day RESET from USANA way in time so you can start on the day you set. Getting in enough stock is important to carry you through the first 5 days. Luckily for me USANA has the 5 Day packed as a 5 Day Jump Start RESET Pack that comes complete with Nutrimeal shakes (all 3 flavors are included), tasty nutritious bars and 5 Days of HealthPak as nutrition. Now if you are in a country that the pack is not available do send me an email and I can help you on what you need to buy. It’s not difficult.

2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Buy a few fruits and vegetables that can be your extra snacks for the moments when you get picky and need some extra food. USANA suggest that we should not starve our bodies. Ideally its best to eat smaller portions and closer apart instead of taking bigger meals and skipping meal times.

3. Exercise: When I did the RESET from USANA I wanted to build up my stamina and so decided walking was best for me. Before RESET I could hardly walk 15 minutes before feeling tired. So I got my runners together and added 30 minutes to my day walking around the block.

4. Correct Mindset: This is the most important step in my weight loss journey. Without creating the right mindset I would firstly never started and secondly would have given up somewhere in between the starting point and the finishing line. You too should develop the right mindset if you want to win at RESET USANA.

5. Having Support: Going at anything alone is hard. Get a few friends together and have fun doing the 5 Day USANA RESET. You will have so much fun while seeing the extra weight drop off.

Good luck to your weight loss journey too!

Claude Fullinfaw
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