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Time & Date: 2015 June 18th – 7 .30 PM

Venue: Novotel Hotel

Place: Brisbane CBD

Contact Name For Bookings: Claude Fullinfaw

Contact Number: 0422442029

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The 2015 June Roadshow will combine health, freedom, business and training into one exciting event and USANA is thrilled to welcome guest speakers Anna Lozano and Dr Brian Dixon. There is something for everyone at this must-see spectacular!

Freedom and Business:

Anna Lozano, a sales and marketing professional by experience, has quickly become one of USANA’s fastest growers in North America with her global vision and passion for empowering and inspiring others to live their best life, in total freedom and optimal health.

Anna Lozano, an Executive Diamond Director, Premier Platinum Pacesetter and 3 times Growth 25 Member, will share her story and tips for success. Just 11 months after partnering with USANA business opportunity, Anna decided to move on from her previous office job and ventured into the USANA world. She is extremely grateful that she is now able to adapt to a flexible working life balance.Anna and her husband Yvan have a long-term vision for their USANA business and have developed their team success system that they teach every day.

Anna is passionate about the Network Marketing Industry and has quickly achieved big results. She has experienced first-hand the lifestyle offered when you commit to action in the USANA home based business!


USANA’s Dr Brian Dixon, Executive Director of Health & Science Education – Learn the importance of supplementation in today’s world and why USANA is your best choice.

Learn the importance of supplementation in today’s world.

Dr Brian Dixon,Our Executive Director of Health & Science Education. Dr Dixon manages the many clinical studies conducted at USANA; this includes research about the biochemistry of aging and the benefits of good nutrition. If you are confused by the science behind the many nutritional products available, or you want more in-depth knowledge about USANA’s award-winning products or the latest nutritional advances, Dr Dixon can communicate innovations and science in an upbeat and easy-to-understand way.

Dr Dixon will share on how to get the very best from your USANA Nutritional Supplements, he will also explain why the formulations and manufacturing processes that have brought us these award-winning products are so effective. What it is, how it works and why to take it. He will cover supplement combinations including which products are synergistic and should be taken together and more.

Meet our athletes. More than 700 athletes globally trust USANA with their own health. Hear our incredible local athletes explain why they choose to use their favourite USANA products to stay on top of their game!

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