I had this email flip over into my mail box this morning talking about being resilient.

Its not easy to see resilience working for you. You must firstly go through some very hard times and then decide that you want to fight and come back and win or survive the ordeal. But it doesnt happen overnight. It’s a slow process. But it can be achieved.

It will take a lot of failing forward and commiting to growth everyday placing yourself on the razor edge of life to win against all the setbacks and negativity that may pull you from overcoming the hardship you been through. It can happen but will take time for resilience to be learned. Below are more tips on winning.

Claude Fullinfaw



The John Maxwell Company wrote:

Do you know any rubber-band people?Chances are you do. They’re the people who, no matter what happens to them, always seem to bounce back. They may experience an illness, a family tragedy, or a run of bad luck, but it never seems to keep them down. Life can stretch them to their breaking point, but

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