Have you thought about this as the year comes to an end [WPCONVB name=”Mums” default=”Mums”] …

[WPCONVB name=”Mums” default=”Mums”] as 2016 comes closer to its finale moments what thoughts grab you. Are you happy with the way things have worked out this year? Has this year been like many years before? Where you make resolutions and yet very few or non materialize towards the year’s ending. If you are living in [WPCONVB_location zone=”city” default=”your home”] you will love this article. LIKE if its of value to you [WPCONVB name=”Mums” default=”Mums”]


Let me share with you my thoughts about this. Not so long ago while driving back from Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast to my home in Stafford Heights I was taken in with a podcast on MLM-Nation. The lady on the podcast was sharing her experiences. She asked someone she met on a plane en-route between cities to share some words of wisdom with her that she would remember him by.


The story goes like this …
At the end of your life (in this case at the end of the year) you will have to look at 3 T.V. screens. On each plays a different message. You will ponder and contemplate moments of either achievements or moments of regret.


The Screen To The Left!

To the left is quite a big screen playing. On this screen you will see all those moments when you did bad things or acts that hurt others that you seldom speak of. This part of your life is hidden as you have tried to suppress it over the years. You are ashamed of what you have done and now towards the last moments on earth you linger long before this screen. Yet you can’t undo what has happen. Its a very sad moment.


To The Far Right Is …

To the far Right is yet another screen. This one too has pictures floating across the front of it and you look at it with a smile. But not for long as the good things you have done are not too many. And you know of them all too well. Its not a screen to linger long.


But The Screen Which Hurts The Most Is …

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Can We Undo These Moments!
Right in the middle is the biggest screen of all. It has so many short episodes playing one after the other. Here you will spend most of your time as its here you will regretfully see so many lost opportunities in your life where you hesitated as life went on.


The moments you thought you were too good for someone and then you lost out on knowing someone more. Maybe it was a business opportunity as you were too opinionated to even try knowing what the opportunity was. Moments where you could have done something good for someone and you never reached out.


This is a very sad place to be and where we possibly linger the longest. However its far too late to do anything now.
So …


So What Can We Do In 2017?

Now as the year in 2016 comes to its end let’s look at how we may take what we know and set a new vision for a new beginning in 2017. Certainly our lives are not ending in a few weeks. We can certainly try adding many more moments to the screen to the Right and leave a legacy that will live past us.


What are the values you will set about to base your vision upon. Its these values that will formulate the character you will begin to develop for yourself in 2017. The character you will start to emit outwards to attract others towards you.


Looking for a way out of the maze that you been lost in. I am looking to collaborate with others too. Its through partnerships we can do so much more than just by ourselves.
If you are MSG me below and lets see how we can start being accountable. Click Here if you are open to possibilities in 2017


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Claude Fullinfaw
Stafford Heights
Brisbane, Australia


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The Three Screens To Get Back On Track in 2017
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The Three Screens To Get Back On Track in 2017
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