Extra Income Has Its Benefits!

I never looked at extra income in this light. Read this story of how powerful a small amount of money can be to you.

Here is a story of two business associates/distributors in a network marketing company. One day Anne comes into the office and excitedly shares that she is going to earn a check that week from her business.

Henry the other distributor was surprised to see the excitement in Anne’s voice. After all he was in the company for a while and had grown accustomed to seeing new people get excited over their first few income checks. He thought surely Anne must be a new distributor for the company. Is this her first check he thought.

Don’t Just Go By Face Value

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The Power of Leverage

Anne approached¬† Henry and asked him to guess the amount she was to receive. “Maybe 5000 pesos” said Henry. (This is about 100 USD).

Anne said “it was not quite so. However its close. It was just 4500 pesos“.

Henry was more intrigued. Why is she so excited. After all 4500 pesos is not a lot of money.

Then Anne shared why she was so excited. She said “my monthly income from my day job was only 15,000 pesos a month. After I have paid for my expenses such as rent, food, transportation, toiletries, internet and phone, I only just have 450 pesos left as savings. It taken me an entire month working over 160 hours to just get 450 pesos in savings”.

However …

By doing her part time business for a few hours a week she was able to increase her savings ten times. She said “If I just keep doing a bit more this income will double in the next few weeks. I could never do the same with my regular job“.

The Lesson Learned Here Is …

Anne has worked over 40 hours a week and after a month she could only have 450 pesos left towards her savings. However working her part time network marketing business for just 5 works a week she has been able to increase her savings ten times in just one month.

The question here is my friends …

If you are currently working a job and finding it hard to increase your savings and want a way to do so why not do something that Anne does. With some part time effort you too can bring in an extra 4500 pesos or $100 USD too.

>> This extra money can increase your spending ten times.

>> This is the power of extra income.

Most importantly is the fact you do this part time and you can increase your savings many times over within weeks not years. That’s the magic behind this story here. You save time.

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Claude Fullinfaw

PS: The article I read came from the Book “Law of Leverage” by R. Panaligan, CPA
Worth getting a copy and reading the book

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