Network Marketing Tips and Strategies!

May I ask if this is you?

  • Fed up of working the longs hours at work?
  • Wanting an easier way to do things and not knowing how?
  • Keen to know why the system you are in is not good enough or
  • Not working fast enough for you right now?
  • Not happy as you feel you may be worth much much more

Well the next few lines will shed some light on smarter ways to work.

Learn to collaborate with others – Form networks!

Here are some keys to network marketing success that you can create this year.

If you want to be successful doing it alone can make it a reality but it can be harder and may take longer for you to accomplish your goals in life. Learn to form liaisons with like minded people who have similar goals in mind. I picked this advice up from Sir Richard Branson in his book – LIKE A VIRGIN!

This brings us to the subject of how do we create wealth.

Creating wealth is simple if we know what to do. Most people do not know the secrets of creating wealth or financial success.

There are four pillars to creating wealth. They are:

  1. Huge expanding markets
  2. Consumable products
  3. Leverage
  4. Timing

Today we shall talk about leverage and its power to get you what you want..

So what is leverage and why is it important in wealth creation?

A.     You can use money or people to create leverage.

In business companies use money to create leverage. Leverage is where businesses can use borrowed money to grow faster. By borrowing funds companies can create more profits faster.

Here is a definition of leverage -“The degree to which an investor or business is utilizing borrowed money“. Read more.

B.    Companies or for that matter anyone can partner up or employ people to create leverage too.

We can also use people to create leverage too where wealth creation is concerned. This is not as risky as the leverage of money.

Example On How To Create Leverage!

Secrets to network marketing success. Imagine you want to be successful and if you did become successful by age 65 everything around you would be a direct or indirect result of what you or your firm contributed to the community over that 40/ 45 year period while you were working. If you need big cash now think of how you can contribute.

So knowing that it takes 40 years to accumulate wealth lets see how many hours it would take in your lifetime to produce success.

So imagine if you did work a 50 hour week at your job or being self employed,

And that over 50 weeks a year,

You would have worked 2500 hours in total. That’s in a year!

Now over 40 years that would be a total of …

100,000 hours of total work you would have done.

What’s interesting is that …

Everything around you (all your present assets at time of retirement) would be a direct or indirect result of all that hard work. And you were directly responsible for creating it all in most cases.

Your wealth or your retirement could be impacted upon by any of these two factors. They may be more but I just listed two here.

  • If you worked less you would see less wealth around you at time of retiring,
  • If you were paid a lesser amount each week over those 40 years you would also see a lesser amount of wealth around you too.

So if we wanted to do better over a 40 year period (I need more cash now) and come out far ahead of where we were planning to that can happen. But what if I were to ask you would you like to do it in a much shorter period of time. Why wait till you are old and feeble to retire and enjoy your savings at 65 years old?

Can you do it earlier so you can have a better quality of life sooner?

So this is why is leverage important?

Learning Why Succeeding In Network Marketing Can Make It Happen Faster!

Now lets see if you could worked smarter. Here is an example of you collaborating with others. People similar to you who want a better life and are willing to work alongside you to get to their goals. In other words they want to network with you to produce bigger results.

So imagine …

  • You just worked 5 hours a week on top of what you currently do. You worked just 2 hours extra a day at your second income stream.
  • If you partnered up with 100 people and
  • That would be 500 hours extra a week working for you. You have started to leverage your time now by growing a team.
  • If these people plus yourself were to do this for just 12 months you would have created 25,000 hours working for you in a year. This is far more than your 2500 hours you would do in one year.
  • After 4 years (200 weeks) you would have 100,000 hours completed and the results would be the same that you would have got by working a 40 year plan.
So do you want to work a 4 year plan and work smarter?
  • Enjoy life,
  • Travel the world,
  • Have time freedom,
  • Financial freedom

Can this help you with your question – “I need extra Money now?“.

Do you now want to be a part of a network of people to create network marketing success for you today :).

The keys to network marketing success are simple . Learn to use leverage .

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