In this article I shall share some concepts how students in Manila, Philippines can now earn part time incomes while still be able to focus and do well in their studies at Colleges such as DelaSalle or UP University. For that matter any students in Manila.

Global Companies Need You!

There are many companies in the Philippines looking for people to market their products to their potential customers. In today’s business environment we can use social media to reach out to people who may want the company’s products or services.

How Can I Earn Extra Income As A Student In Manila Philippines
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How Can This 20 Year Old Earn Extra Income in Philippines Working Part Time?

Want To Be Paid On Performance!

PS: In the photo above we are coaching a 20 year young lady who was a student last year now to earn part time extra income. Currently she works at a call center and finds the income not enough. Her Human Resources degree is hard finding her the right paying job. She is excited to be a part of our team now.

Companies pay on performance hence it is not necessary to work long hours to deliver a Client to the company. All you need to do is learn what you can do from a compliance point of view and then use the skills you already have to share digital content to your viewers in the Philippines. This is exciting as you can set your own pay scale and earn whatever amount you want. There is no sealing to how much you earn.


It gets even better than that as today you can reach out to people all over the world such as Germany, Italy, USA or Australia using social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. If a customer buys in any of the countries the company is in you get paid.


Now it can get better than that too. Some of these companies pay weekly and they pay in US dollars. Would you as a student love to earn in US dollars extra income from your own digital home business that is global. Everything is already set up so all you need is market the products to your online friends.


The company has its own systems in place. No need to re-invent the wheel. Just tap into a proven system and make extra income as a student. Isn’t that wonderful.

Now let me tell you a story…

A couple of years ago there was a student in one of the colleges in Manila Philippines. She was just 18 years old back then and had no clue about making money or even running a business. All she was keen about was making some extra cash part time as a student.

The person who introduced her asked her to do just two things.

  1. One was to learn,
  2. The other was to follow.

She is a good student and she did just that. From what I heard she not only learned but went on to start earning $1000 USD a week within 16 weeks. Yes 4 months. She hit the bonuses the company gives and was earning passive income in a short period of time.


When asked how she did it. She said she had no clue. Upon pressing this young girl to give some clues she said “ I just followed my sponsor”. Not sure how it all happened.


So if you are a good follower and can learn how about we connect as I can help you earn an additional $100 or $300 dollars in the next 4 weeks. Would an additional 10,000 or 20,000 peso be exciting to have as a student here in Manila.

You can contact me via email through this page.

This is Claude Fullinfaw

Makati, Manila.

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