A couple of weeks ago I went to see a new member called Bong and Aline in Pasig. Pasig is a very big suburb in Manila and has so many streets that getting lost is very easy to do.

That Monday we were two of us attempting to help this couple get started in their home based business in USANA.

There was Nora who agreed to come along to be my interpreter as I am not good at speaking Tagalog yet. She was coming from Fairview and like me had no idea exactly where we were to meet.


I on my end was heading to Pasig from Makati and getting to the area was fast as my Grab Driver was good. But then all trouble broke out. We couldn’t locate the exact location and what should have been a 45 minute trip stretched to over 90 minutes and I was scared that my driver in frustration would drop me off in the area and I be totally lost. Fortunately he had a heart of gold and stayed on to assist me.

While this was happening at my end, Nora was having her fair share of troubles too. She had started the day really early and after 3 hours was so lost it was hilarious.

Home based business in USANA
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Always work with the end in mind

As midday approached the summer sun beat down on us and we wanted to throw things in and go back to Makati. I was still separated from Nora.

While all this was happening …

The couple had no idea to what was happening as they were not checking their phones and so all our SOS messages were being unheeded.

There was a moment I felt like giving up and cancelling everything. But my better sense got the upper hand that hot day and I preserved and kept searching. Eventually we found each other and also managed to find our new members Aline and Bong.

To cut a long story short this couple has now got started in the business of USANA, and striving to do everything we have taught them that day.

But what if we had given up and gone home just because of our frustrations of being lost. They would never have gotten the support they badly needed.


In life something we must place ourselves second to serve others better. Most things in life will never come when we want them to. However they will come if we preserve had enough and long enough. Sadly most people quit too early never to see the results they so badly wanted and so badly deserve.


I hope you have picked up the main Essence here and that is never quit when its gets too hard. Remember when it gets hard its a sign you are getting closer to your goals.

I hope you have learned something again today from my experiences in life.

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Claude Fullinfaw


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