This is a Facebook post I sent to some of my business partners in Brisbane Australia this week.

I hope there are some nuggets here to take home 🙂    More Stories I Love!

The steps I follow mentally while doing a presentation. Possibly you do all this. If not here are some more tips you may take and use.

Spending the first 10 minutes getting to know the prospect.

  1. I want to know their story.
  2. How much time do we have? I establish right from the start how much time do the two of us have that morning or afternoon. I want to know before hand if we have all day to talk or just 20 to 60 minutes.
  3. I exchange business cards! To establish credibility. I want to email them later that day for taking time to meet with me.

PS: if the prospect is a talker I allow them to talk. If they have something worrying them it’s best they get it out of their system otherwise they will never concentrate on what I have to share ?. Even if it means getting a second appointment just to share what I do.

Caution: if ever the client/ prospect has consumed all the time he or she had for the meeting and does have to rush off to their next appointment, avoid trying to do a rushed presentation just to satisfy yourself.

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Sometimes the prospect may say “Ok! I am so sorry for talking so long but I do need you to get your presentation done fast as I will have to leave in 10 or 15 minutes.”

If ever they say that never try doing the presentation. It most often never goes anywhere. It would be a total waste of time if you start as you will be rushed as well as the prospect is thinking not about you but their next meeting. If you continue you won’t look professional.

I would politely reschedule saying

“It’s is perfectly OK! I do understand that you need to go right now and respect that. Actually I learned so much about you that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you today. Would you mind if we could reschedule next week? That way I can give you my best with what I want to demonstrate to you.What day and time would suit you next week? I would like to come back and see you again if you allow me too?

Now remember …

Eric Woree says our job is always to set up the next meet, not to only think of closing deals.

An appointment should lead to the next appointment!

By being less pushy, considerate and thoughtful about the prospect’s needs and precious time most often we can get another appointment.

Quite often the second meeting is even more friendly and you have more time now to share your story and connect the prospects story to your own.

You can easily use the words – feel, felt, found in your second presentation.

Here is an example of how I may use the words above …

“I know how you feel Susan. I too felt exactly like you when I lost my job ( or had the flu). However I found that by recommending USANA products with people I care I have been able to replace my income ( or have less flu attacked since using these products).”

From here forward you will need to use Eric Woree’s close. If you don’t know it ask me and I can send it ?

Ok I hope this adds value to your day.

Claude Fullinfaw


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