Last night I was driving back from the Sunshine Coast after attending my Toastmasters Club talk at the Maroochy Toastmasters. As usual I use the driving time back to Brisbane to plug into personal and leadership development. A great way to get some work done. My favorite apps is the MLM Nation Podcasts run by Simon Chan. And last night was an interesting episode as Big Al came on line.

Now Big Al is a legend in the network marketing industry. Having spent over 43 years in MLM and is well respected. He posed a question that got me thinking. He asked…

What would it take from your favorite bank at today’s interest rates to give you a passive income of $100 every month”.

Do you know how much?

Now most people would not have a clue how much the amount would be. Let me tell you. It would take $50,000 AUD to give you approximately $114 a month at 2.7% interest rate. This was when I asked my local bank at Stafford heights in March 2016.

Now that is ok if you have the $50,000 ready to invest. But how many of us have $50,000 ready to invest. Secondly that $50,000 would have to be after tax so in real terms you would need around $65,000 or more saved up.

Is There An Easier Way?

What if I can show you that with 6 to 10 customers you can get the same equivalent of $50,000 saved to give you a residual income of $100 in less than 7 to 10 days.

Which is easier?

Saving $50,000 to earn $100 or finding just 10 customers to buy your health products each month?

Now with the power of leverage you can earn more than $100 a month.

Want to earn $1000 a month?

Get in touch with me and I will show you how you can start to pay extra off your mortgage in Brisbane without working too hard.

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Claude Fullinfaw

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