In my last blog post we saw the success we can have if we planned ahead.

Failing to Plan is something we must avoid during our working careers if we are to have a sound financial retirement.

From the studies taken we have seen that if we were to wisely invest our extra income or earnings we stand to have sufficient funds at the time of retirement to carry us forward through our retirement years.

How To Earn More Money Before Retirement!

Yet we saw the vast majority of people unfortunately don’t get to share in this success.
It was found that 95% of people do live paycheck to paycheck with huge credit card bills, fairly large student loans, huge home and car mortgages to be able to have any left over income or money to save from. I need more money, what can I do about it?

With the rising costs of living and the high un-employment rates seen in the job market today people are finding it hard to get that second job to make ends meet.

Are we part of this group – planning to have to work well beyond age 65?

In fact out of the 95% of people that do work pay check to paycheck in jobs, a good 5% actually find that they need to keep on working at the time of retirement. They find that the money earned as interest on their savings at time of retiring is not enough to pay their monthly bills after retiring from their careers. How do they find solutions to their financial questions around ‘I need more money today‘.

We see this happening around us everyday. Just look at the staff or employees at

  • the super markets,
  • airport lounges,
  • baggage handlers,
  • hotel staff,
  • taxi driver,
  • coffee shop owners,
  • lawn mowing franchisees,
  • and the list goes on and on.

If you were to ask these people what they did in their younger days most will say their had high paying jobs but unfortunately due to

  • ill health,
  • divorce,
  • bankruptcy,
  • not being financially literate,
  • having an attitude of  ‘I know every thing, its all sorted out for me’ or
  • bad financial planning

They have now landed up in a financial mess with no way out. if only they had taken advice when they were younger. In hindsight everything is ok.

What about today, are you ok about earning money? Want to know more on how to make extra money part time?

Books To Read on ‘How To Make More Money’.

If you want to get out of the rat race and work smart get the book RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki today and start reading how you can Retire Rich Retire Young. Its possibly!

Do you see yourself here – Dying early due to ill health?

We also see a larger number of people ie 36% of the college graduates screened over their working life were so over worked or did not pay much attention to diet and exercise that they fell ill and died well before retiring age.

Just imagine that.

If only they could have worked less, had more time to relax and take care of themselves probably they may have had the chance to live a few more years on. How many of us know of people who have died suddenly in the 40’s 50’s or 60’s. Its time to start thinking of ways to work smarter today, work less and earn more. Especially if you have started to worry about the fact “I need more money now‘.

Are you planning To be a ‘financial’ burden to your children?

Now an even larger number of these university graduates at the time of retiring, 54% were so bad off physically and mentally that in spite of not having any saving funds they found that they just could not hold down any jobs at time of retirement. These poor people have now become a burden to the tax system as well as to their sons and daughters. Do you want to be a burden to your family? Its time to start planning ahead for your retirement. Don’t leave it to financial planners from large corporations to sort it out for you only. Its your life, have a say and work smarter.

Now if you are thinking you have everything covered think twice. If this is happening out there right now it may happen to you too.

Ways To Earn Money – I need more money!

If you are worried about the fact you need more money today lets talk and see how you can get started in a home based business and be a part of big business that can make lots of profits part time for you.

If interested read up on more articles on I need to make more money or drop us a note and we can share more.

Have a great day.

Claude Fullinfaw

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