Reasons Why I Need More Money in the 21st Century!

I need more money” – Why do we seem to feel that the incomes we receive these days are not enough to pay our bills each month. We seem to be living from pay cheque to pay check, straddled with credit card debts, huge student loans and high mortgages to pay for.

In a recent study it has been seen that only 5% of college students who graduated from University managed to have a very happy secure and highly successful retirement life at the end of their career.

Just like the remaining 95% of students tracked they too had high paying jobs over the 6 figure level of pay annually. Yet unlike the 95% who were dead broke

  • We see that 54% of these students at time of retirement could not work after age 65;
  • 36% died prematurely due to work stress, life style choices, etc &
  • 5% still were working after age 65

So something was clearly different in the top 5% of the class of 100 university students.

What did they do different from the remaining 95% of the group.

How to Start Planning For The Future!

They planned for their future by owning businesses and using the profits from the businesses to invest in shares, real estate and other business models out there to earn more money.

While the 95% of the group were employed by these same 5% of people and had no idea on how to make more money.

One group worked for wages while the other group worked for profits.

If you have not read the book ‘Cash Flow Quadrant‘ on earning money by Robert Kiyosaki its worth picking it up and read about the four quadrants where money is seen to be in.

Find out which quadrant you lie in right now. The chances are possibly you are in the Left Quadrants – The Quadrants classified as the Poor Quadrants. The ones who work for money. These people are possibly not poor in money but rather poor in ‘Time’. Being time poor restricts them from doing a lot of things they would love to do. Such as…

  • Having quality time with family & friends
  • Enjoying the outdoors
  • Looking at your health – going to the gym, exercise
  • Having regular holidays, etc

Need Assistance – I need more money now!

Would you be open to look at ways to move from the Left Quadrant of the Wealth Secret by Robert Kiyosaki and get into the Right Quadrant, The Big Business Quadrant where the big money is.

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