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So lets begin …

Here are some of the questions I start to ask people as I come close to the end of a presentation. You may be using these or have your own style. If you find them useful do use them. More Stories to learn from!

  • Just after you finish with the Health side of the Health& Freedom Section of USANA presentation ask your prospects – “From what you have just seen me sharing with you about the USANA products do you feel you and your family could benefit from these great health products?” if they say yes, no or maybe just shake your head in confirmation, smile and move to the next section – the Business Section of the Presentation.
  • After the business section ask them what impressed them most of the business plan? (Wait for the answer or answers. Don’t suggest or interrupt them as they need to own the answer. They need to want the business and must know why.)
  • Then ask them which business plan – the 1BC or 3Bc will get them to their goals quicker? (again wait for their answer – then without saying anything go to the next question),
  • Now ask them – “For you to decide if this business is right for you how much income would you like to earn from your USANA Business each week?” –(again wait for their answer, don’t give any input here), move to next question…

From the above questions we have found out

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Steps In Creating Success In Network Marketing

  1. Why they like the products (if they don’t like health & nutrition then they may find doing USANA hard remember that). Its easier to do something you love and believe in is my humble opinion.
  2. What they found attractive in the business section?
  3. If they are keen to start small or big (1 BC or 3 BC)? We are searching for clues on how to close the prospect here. We want them to close themselves.
  4. We also know their goals as they have shared this with us throughout the presentation. For someone with health issues the business packages may not be important. Getting healthy is important to them. Yes they may buy a package to avail of the discounts but not necessarily do the home business. Listen to your clients’ needs not your personal goals. Many people loose potential clients because of this sadly. Keep your clients interest ahead of your weekly income goals.
  5. Finally we also now know if they want to make a little bit of money part time or may do this more seriously. We get to know their inner desires a bit more by asking questions. Remember that ‘Questions Are The Answers’ by Allan Pearce.

The Final Questions!

Now that you have this information lets go for the final questions to get the client into the company or set up a follow up appointment in the near future. The last questions to ask before sign on are:

  • For network marketing to work for you what type of income would attract you to put in some energy and planning to get the home based business you are looking at right now off the ground? (get them to re-establish their goals in income again),
  • How many hours a week would you devote comfortably to the USANA Business in Brisbane? – (you want to see if they will devote some time after signing the application),
  • How soon do you wish to hit the income level you just mentioned above?” – (you want to know what are their expectations are in achieving the goals they set. If the goals are achievable or not such as earning $1000 USD a week in 6 months with just 2 to 5 hours a week work maybe they may find it hard. You should not try convincing them its easy just to get a sign-on. After all this is a business and there is work to be done every day, each week. If they are prepared to do that yes they can get to $1000 a week for sure with some part time real work. Lets not lead them down the garden path that’s all a bed of roses. Its simple although not so easy – there is a bit of work to be done.
  • Then ask them finally “ When do you want to get started in your own USANA Business so that you can work part time and earn XXXXXX dollars a week in say XXXXXXX months. Would you like to do the paper work today so we can get your training started and you can start earning this very week.” (They may say immediately, in that case start the paperwork 🙂

PS: If they say tomorrow or next month you must do a few things immediately.

  1. Set a follow up meeting immediately before they leave,
  2. Ask them why do they need to wait until tomorrow or next month?
  3. If it’s a money or time issue see how you can explain that they can do it too. That’s just an excuse. If they don’t listen its ok. Just follow up in the time frame they gave you.

Move on to the next prospect asap.

PS: The ideas shared are from the book GoPro written by Eric Woree. I suggest you buying a copy from Amazon.

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