People are crying out loud I need more money now. As the job market starts to squeeze its self dry with no employment vacancies people are getting frustrated and despondent.  Yet we see articles in the press by our politicians saying that we have to go out and get jobs.

These white collared government staff members may never know the anguish of people who say ‘I need more money’. How clever can they be or are they not living in the cities and towns we are right now.

The News Daily says…

Treasurer Joe Hockey has been accused of insulting families and single people by telling them to go out and “get a good job” if they wish to purchase a home.

Speaking on Tuesday, Mr Hockey said that all people needed to buy into Australia’s hot housing market was “a good job”, and then “you can go to the bank and you can borrow money”. How can this help with the issue of ‘I need more money now‘.

“That’s just an insult to the nurses, the teachers, the people who are working hard, who just are finding it very hard to break into the housing market,” Mr Bowen said. How to make more money.

So where are those jobs right now to address ‘I need to make more money today’ …

The fact of the matter is that the jobs out there are not what most of us were trained to be. A huge number of those jobs have totally disappeared since the computer came in. Machine can can do the work of many people much quicker and cheaper. And if the jobs were there there is someone out there a thousand plus miles away who can do it far cheaper and quicker without any of the overheads that employers have to dish out for an office employee. This is what we can now gotten used to – outsourcing which doesn’t help us with ‘I need more money .

Most of the old jobs that filled staff into large offices in Brisbane have moved offshore to labor willing to work for less. Certainly this again doesn’t help the situation of ‘I need more money’.

Today we see nurses working twice at hard and with hardly any downtime in their shifts due to the Federal Government cuts that have come into place. Many of these people are on work permits and are quite happy to put in the hours needed as they are not too concerned about I need to to make more money now. They are making more than what they were once getting in their own country.

This video highlights why so many people are worried about – I Need To Make Money Now!

So what are the solutions to people who say ‘I need more money now‘. The answer probably is not to be to dependent on your job for a starter if you say – ‘I need to make more money’. Start to become financial literate and read up on how you can get out of this mess before its too late.

Ideas on ‘I Need To Make More Money Today’!

Work Part Time!

Attend seminars on creating extra streams of income in Brisbane and start to think outside your job. Where are the work opportunities that you possibility can put in a small amounts of work part time. There are companies willing to help you get started doing just that – working on a part time basis.

Replace Incomes!

These companies even go as far to allow you over 2 to 4 years to potentially replace a part or complete income you currently earn. All the while working part time. Most only require you to work 10 to 15 hours a week.

Own Your Business!

These companies offer you ownership over your work in the form of you running your own employment. Actually you won the employment, lets call it your own business that you run from home. As these home business opportunities don’t need the outlays or overheads as seen in a traditional brick and mortar business employees can very easily slide in and get started.

Create Financial Freedom!

Home based businesses offer employees chance to move away from the employee side of money creation and go right into where large business is seen. It is the bridge where one, the employee or self-employed can move from being an employe or self employed and work with time restraints and start to work towards financial freedom and earn passive incomes.

Change Your Mindsets!

But you must first move away from the employee mind set that you just need a job and your employer must look after you. Start to take responsibility of your own destiny and adapt to the change that is happening around us right now.

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