Time is flying past literally as I work on my goal towards becoming a USANA Diamond.I set this goal right out of my comfort zone in December of 2017 aiming to be a Diamond by the same time in 2018.

Its getting closer to that date however I am am still miles away from arriving at my destination. What’s more important is that I had set that goal and the intention is set. Because without any intentions and goal setting I probably wouldn’t be aiming at anything at all.

Usana Business In Philippines
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Collaboration With Like Minded People

With just 25 weeks to go to get there I still have a good chance in getting to my destination on time.

What have I accomplished in the last 6 months. During the last 6 months I have found another two leaders. Interestingly these two are on separate legs and are really serious in making things happen. So I have gone from working just two legs here in the Philippines to adding another team in Cebu. These people are excited to come on board as The USANA Cebu office will be opened later this month in July 2018.

The fourth team is in Germany just joining us in USANA opening in Europe. These changes will probably propel us closer to our 2018 goals.

I set the foundations for growth so its just a matter of time now to see who in the team will rise up and flourish. While all this is happening I will continue to do what needs to be done to make my goal of being a Diamond a reality.

Shall share regularly what is making this possible.

Claude Fullinfaw
USANA Makati, Philippines


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