How To Successful in Network marketing
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Network Marketing Success Tips

The world is changing rapidly more so today than ever before. Today its all about connections and collaborations in getting work done and bringing in bigger and better results for family and companies.

The secret lies in leverage. The Power of leverage is the power to move small amounts of either work, money or time to return massive results.

What is Leverage?

The ability to influence a system, or an environment, in a way that multiplies the outcome of one’s efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources. In other words, leverage is the advantageous condition of having a relatively small amount of cost yield a relatively high level of returns.

This is one of the many reasons why so many people are forming collaborations with each other as they realize that doing things alone may not be the sensible thing after all. Two people can do twice as much as one. What if you gathered a team of like minded people passionate about a cause. Can you imagine the ripple effect that could have upon the community around you.

Lets Look Around Us!

How to be successful in network marketing
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Why network Marketing

Have you ever seen a soccer or basket ball team play? Imagine playing in a soccer team now. The output of the team is the sum of each player’s output. What the team can output is many time more than what one person can do alone. No one is greater than the sum of the whole – the team. Yet when the team wins each player gets glory too. This is the power of leverage.

In our early days on the playgrounds in school or the sport fields at Universities we are attracted towards play in team sports. We feel safe and the bonding attracts us nurturing us into better players. All because we are accepted in a team. We feel proud to be a part of a team. The team becomes our family and nourishes our growth and pushes us to achieve much more than we could playing by ourselves. Only the Pros, a select few can venture out to play solo sports. The vast majority of us seek teams to foster ourselves to stardom.

So Why Cant We Learn From This!

Yet something happens as we migrate towards adult life. It seems we don’t take the lessons learned on the sport-fields into our working lives. We don’t see the correlation that life should be about partnerships rather than competition alone. Ninety five percent of people think that they can do better by doing things themselves. Why should it be a Win-Lose for us to win. Can we work in a Win-WIN scenario!

  • So how do we take this example in life and adapt it to our working life?
  • How do we stop playing the game of life of working alone and move towards working as a team?
  • Where we can achieve far more than just working by ourselves?

Moving Forward With This Knowledge!

Now using what we learned above lets adapt it to a great working model that can demonstrate the power of leverage in working life. Most of us will either sell a product or a service in our working life.


Imagine this example is about selling a product and the value is just $100 for each sale. You are allowed to earn a commission of 10% of each sale. So on the $100 the commission to you is just a small check of $10 as income.

Network Marketing success
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When You Don’t Use Network Marketing For Success

Now you have a choice to either do all the work by yourself and work hard alone and try to make a living doing things alone or you can enlist the help of others, leverage with others, so as to increase the output thus increasing your commissions.

I shall use 6 times frames in months and lets see what you can achieve with leverage.

Month One – The Power of Leverage!

Imagine in the example below you just get two people to sell just $100 of products each.
This means the output is $200 and the commission is $20. You have literally doubled you income just by working with two people.

Month Two – How Leverage Can Start Working For You!

The following month you start to train and help these 2 people to get their 2 people.

how to succeed in network marketing
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The Power Of Leverage – Network Marketing

The sales will be 400 dollars and the commissions at 10% will return you a income of $40. Not bad as you hardly did much in month Two. Yet your income jumped up 400% just by doing that. From $10 to $40. Pretty Good!

Month Three – Leverage Lesson 3!

In the third month you now have the 4 people that came in month Two to find their 2 people and now there is 8 new people in the team doing the same moving $800 worth of products. The commissions at 10% works out to be $80.

Why network marketing
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Network Marketing Success At Work

Again its not bad as you just brought in 2 people to begin with in month one. Your income has grown 8 times since you had started working with others.

Moving On to Month Six – What is Leverage – Lesson 4!

As the months go on we see in month Six you now start to earn $640 as commissions. This is 32 times more than what you were doing working alone. Just imagine that. Just imagine increasing your income 32 times in this example by just forming partnerships with like minded people.

Network Marekting Success Stories
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The Network Marketing Success Story

Can you realize how magical leverage can be? Can you see yourself doing far more for the community, your family and country by just joining networks of like minded people to achieve a common goal?

Can We Do This With Momentum – Network Marketing Success Starts To Unfold!

Now I want to ask you a question?
Would you be contented to just bring in just 2 people every 4 weeks. I feel if you can see the power of leverage now working for you would rather work a bit harder and bring results in quicker. Are you really serious to earn fast and earn big?

Then I have news for you.

Lets Make Leverage Work Weekly For You – Lesson 5

Lets see what it will look like if you were to do this weekly!

Can you bring in 2 people this week and teach these two to bring their two the next week. Instead of doing this over 6 months why not consider doing this over 6 weeks instead.

If you are very ambitious …

For those of you really ambitious you can do this over 6 days if you want. That’s possible too, just a bit more work condensed into a shorter time frame.

The Benefits Of Working Smarter And Quicker!

If you do it quicker it attracts more energy, more excitement and more people towards you. You start to become a magnet for people.

So What Impressed You So Far?

So now that you know about the power of leverage tell me what impresses you most 🙂

Can you see why so many people are turning to network marketing in the 21st Century today?

For more information on how to get started successfully in a network marketing company enter the online form on this page and we will help you understand this principle more clearly.

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Network Marketing Success | What Does Leverage Mean To You
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Network Marketing Success | What Does Leverage Mean To You
Most people shy away from the WORD MLM. Why? May be its probably the lack of knowing the power of leverage. We are not taught in school nor college that working together is the right thing. 13th Aug 2015
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