Last evening I sat in a room of excited and enthusiastic men and women at the Enterprise Center listening to the Business Opportunity presented by Dan the first speaker. He is someone who currently is earning a multiple 6 figure income per month in pesos and is very successful.

Dan shared how just a few years ago his first payslip after taxes was under 5000 pesos a fortnight. He said he is surprised how he managed financially in Manila on such a small salary. But as most people around him learned to managed he too adjusted his belt and coped in survival mode.

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After Dan spoke we had another speaker speak. Her name is Mitchie and she used to work for a top accounting firm as a CPA in Manila. At age 25 she managed 5 companies under her supervision. Being competitive she learned to do her job well and never once thought she would ever do MLM 🙂

About 8 years ago she was first asked to see USANA. At that time she was working on the 20th floor of the same building, The Enterprise Center in Ayala. With a little persuasion her friend managed to get her to visit the office of Usana. It was there she met my mentor Nath Sunio who was at that time earning a multiple 6 figure income a month. I shall share about Nath in another post soon.

The message from Mitchie last night is …

  • Ask yourself what is inspiring you?
  • Is it your seniors at work that one day you hope to be like?
  • Is their lifestyle something you envy or is it just the status they have?
  • Is it their income you want one day?
  • Do they have flexibility of hours of work?

Or is their life super busy, super stressed and not something being envious about.


Now she asked us to think 5 or 10 years out. Can you see your life being any different to those ahead of you right now in your field? If you are not so sure as yourself that question again and again until you are dead sure.

Because one thing she said is sure, its this. You will get older and you will have lost all that time you have right now. What if you can save precious time and also enjoy life and enjoy life at the same time.


Today she is grateful she was not subborn back then to reject USANA totally. She now has a family. She is able to give her young family a life totally undreamed of by most Filipinos. She earns very near a 7 figure a month now. She has been able to take her parents all over the world. Something unimaginable in her job as a CPA back in mid 2000.


She mentioned that not being in the company you dont stand any chance to change your life. However if you do sign up you stand a 50-50 Chance of possibly changing your life. Why not be a part of USANA. Give it all you have and maybe life can be different. That’s her message.

If you feel these lines above do make sense contact me and lets talk soon.

Claude Fullinfaw



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