One of the reasons why I started not doing my posting was because I took on Simon Chan’s DMO or Daily Method of Operation. Its the schedule you have everyday towards doing your work.

Since Feb 8th I have been doing the following everyday.

  • Live video
  • social posts
  • approaches’
  • followups
  • presentations
  • helping team with their team presentations
  • Facilitating in trainings
  • running webinars twice a week
  • Running in house training
  • doing my daily personal development reading
  • Training and mentoring team

This has lifted my game up to another level. In fact since the day I started DMO I have not missed a day nor have I slacked off a bit. I have been unwell twice during this time and still managed to complete my DMO. Even while I travelled to India I was able to do my task everyday on the 9 day trip overseas.

Am focusing on finding 4 members who will do this no matter what. So far I have found 3 members who 99% of the time do their DMO everyday. If you are reading this and want to be mentored by someone who is highly focused and driven and if you have goals and dreams and want guidance do send me a note and I will msg you back.

Claude Fullinfaw



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