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Most people complain that they seldom get opportunities come their way. And even if they did come across something they expect to have everything dished out to them on a platter. http://change.claudefullinfaw.com/

Most complain that their sponsors were not good enough, some may complain their company’s products were not so good or even run the compensation plan down. Seldom do they look internally and say it was their attitude that was the reason for their failure.

But for Ali it was not the case. AS he was struggling to make ends meet he was open when a friend approached him to look at network marketing. Like most people he was fasinated at first that he may be able to break away from the grind that kept him working long hours at work. He saw network marketing as a way out.

But in his first year it was not easy. He faced the same challenges many do when they join an MLM company.

So what sets him apart?

When he realised that he would have to give up all his spare time to attend seminar meetings and trainings he was ready to do so. He went as far as working seven days a week just so his boss would allow him to have Friday nights off. He needed those nights to attend the workshops that his company held.

Interestingly how many of us actually would do what Ali did? Give up our day off for a whole year?

In 12 months he was able to leave his work and work part time on his home based business. Today he earns a multiple 6 figure income part time thats passive.

If you are open to changing your life lets talk as I can possibly help stir you in the right direction.

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Claude Fullinfaw
USANA Gold Director



Simon Chan wrote:


The difference between you today and the you 5 years from now is the books you read and the people you surround yourself with. Ali Mehdaoui shows us why having an attitude geared towards constant learning will always lead you in the direction of your success. Also how to make MLM work for you even

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