Dear Friends

Have you ever thought that you could not lead someone or a team of people because you did not have influence nor status nor money. I just read an interesting article by John Maxwell where he talks about leading from the middle. You really dont have to be the front leader. You can lead by being a good supportor and directional leader by supporting the ranks from the middle. By doing so you prevent the leader from making mistakes and helping the team to rise to greater successes.

I hope this helps you have more faith and confidence that you are great in the role you play within your team. This is helping me right now create more synergy with my team here in Brisbane.

Claude Fullinfaw



The John Maxwell Company wrote:

Imagine yourself inside a crowded movie theater. You’ve got your popcorn and soft drink, and you’ve settled into your seat to enjoy a new thriller. After the movie starts, you munch happily away as the story takes off and begins to build. Then, about halfway through the movie, the tension mounts. Th

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