In this post on Facebook Marketing I will cover a number of areas that I see most people tend to leave out. We will be talking about our Profile Page and what we must look at before we actually start to engage with people.

We all want to leave out the boring admin parts such as setting up our profile page properly and jump into the exciting bits such as posting, LIKE and commenting. But if we don’t brand ourselves well people will not know who we are and may not be attracted to us as leaders in the community.

How To Set Up Facebook For Marketing!

So this leads me to how to set-up your FB Profile Page for a start.

In the picture below you will see a snap shot of my page. You will notice two arrows.

The About Page!

  1. The first arrow points to the intro on my page. Here you will see a bit about me and maybe you can see my website link too. This information is pulled from my About Page. If you were to set this up well you could have a pretty god lead generation site happening soon. So this leads us to the second arrow.
  2. Click the green arrow which says About Page. Lets go to the next picture below now 🙂

Populating The About Page!

On the next page you will see my page that looks like the one below. Look at where the green arrow points. You will see a number of fields populated with my information. Where did this information come from and where do you fill this all in? I want you to click the red arrow that points to each of the different tabs to the left. Start to fill that in with the appropriate information needed. Link to other pages too. Make sure all your information is relevant and up to date.

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Claude Fullinfaw


PS: If you want more information on how I build my network marketing business do ask as I am here to help you. It doesn’t matter if you belong to another company. I will share what has started to make a difference to me.


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