Good morning !

It’s Monday the start of a new beginning, a new week, a new phase in business.

I hope your weekend was great.  My notes helping you this week to find the right people to partner with ?

More on creating “inner circle” members in your team. Continuation from last week notes on Inner Circle – Lessons I am picking up as I read the 21 Laws on Leadership by John C Maxwell.

You may have no one in your team right now or you may have a few – these tips will help you focus on what you need to advance ahead. We all want to rank advance which must be the goal. Once the goal is set take your focus off it as it will distract you. Follow the process 🙂

Follow The Process!

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Marry The Process!

What you need is the action steps to implement. I call it the process. Marry the process. Divorce the results. The results will look after themselves if you marry the process. These thoughts are borrowed from Cedrick Harris another MLM legend.

The first step is getting the right people to be on your management team – your inner circle.

The 5 Steps To Consider!

As you start to consider if people should be in your inner circle of your team ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do they have high influence with others? ✅

2. Do they bring a complimentary gift to to the table?

A. Are these gifts adding strength/ value in areas where you may possibly be weak.

B. Good inner business circle leaders ask business questions of each other, share business experiences, and test business growth ideas among inner circle members.

3. Do they hold strategic position in your team?

A. If they are – then are they working on the same page as you?

B. If they are not the entire team maybe in trouble.

4. Do they add value to the team and to the company?

A. The people in your inner circle must be adders or multipliers.

B. They must have a proven track record as assets to the team.

C. Look for only lifters for your inner circle.

PS:  ?If they don’t add value they will hinder your growth in the company. –

PS:  ? It’s lonely at the top, so you’d better find someone to take along with you.

5. Do they positively impact other inner circle members. It’s about team chemistry.

A. How do they interact with other inner circle members.

B. They must be a good fit to each other.

C. They must make one another better, to raise one another’s game.

D. They should encourage each other.

E. They must share information and wisdom.

F. They must create friendly competition.

G. They should improve each other as leaders.

If you can answer yes to these questions, then they are excellent future business partners for your inner circle.

Hope these tips help you.

Always striving to be of service.

Claude Fullinfaw


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