Have you ever thought about how would it be if you could find your friends among the many Facebook contact you have easily. Well I am about to share you a neat little trick that can help you be more organized and allow you to stay in contact when ever you wish.

Follow these steps below …

Step-1: Log into Facebook and click on your ‘Home’ page to the top of the page.

Creating Fb Lists
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Step-2: On the next page please move your eye to the left column and scroll down till you see the listing called ‘Friends’. You may see one or two list visible and the rest are hidden so run your mouse over to the right of ‘Friends’. You will see a gray “More” appear which is a clickable link. Please click that 🙂

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Step-3:  On the next page you will see possibly one or two list such as Family and Friends that Facebook has created by default for you. Now I want you to click on ‘Create List’.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Step-4:  A pop up box will appear allowing you to create your first list. Here you should give your list a name and a small description. Then hit create.

Step-5:  Once you have the list created you can add friends to this list. Its as easy as that.

Here are some 5 examples of lists you can create

  1. School friends
  2. College friends
  3. Work mates
  4. Prospects living in Sydney
  5. Hot prospects

As you can see you can now populate these lists with people and when you want to send a msg to a specific group you can send it without spamming everyone else. How good is that. 🙂

I my next post on Facebook Marketing I will show you how to post to a specific group.

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