Good Afternoon!  I posted an article on a page of mine last week where I learned from John Maxwell that to grow we must get our vision, influence and momentum across to the team members. We all know its essential that we attract the right sort of people into our teams.

But the question is how do we know who the right leaders are within the team that we must pay closer attention to. After all these people will be the ones who will take our company or business to another level.

These people will allow you to take a step back when you want. Unless these people are well selected you can never create massive momentum within your company or expect duplication to happen when you are present or not present at the coal face.

So what do we need to look for in a budding leader?

Here are some points to consider:

1.  Character,

2.  Positive Attitude,

3.  Self discipline,

4.  People’s skills,

5.  Discontent with status Quo,

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Claude Fullinfaw


The John Maxwell Company wrote:

Last week I wrote in The Limits of a One-Man Show that a leader who doesn’t share his or her vision, influence, and momentum with others will see all three diminish over time. I learned that lesson at Hillham, and it’s one I’ve never forgotten. It is absolutely essential for any leader to find capab

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