Network Marketing Tips:  Is Staying On Target A Must For An Entrepreneur?

Reading up the section about ‘launching a business’ in LIKE A VIRGIN by Richard Branson I see one of my biggest mistakes I made as a young entrepreneur years ago in Brisbane.

Finding A Mentor! In my first business I made a few mistakes and I now see how I could have avoid them if only I had a mentor. A mentor helps you stay on track.

Not Staying On Target!

Here is one mistake most young entrepreneurs make – ‘Not Staying On Target‘. Looking back I feel this is one of the keys of network marketing success that could have speed up my rank advancement. Though I felt I was focused enough I probably wasn’t. Succeeding in network marketing takes much more than just doing things everyday. You must be effective and stay on target.

Conveying The Message!

Branson says that being able to clearly and concisely convey your idea to the market is probably one of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make.

Creating your selling speech is very important and making it sharp and to the point is what most buyers want. They just don’t have time to listen to long drawn out versions of what you want to do and why you want to do it.

Use the Twitter-like template to create your elevated speech around 140 characters to begin with. Once you have that in place draw it out to 500 characters. The shorter your speech the clearer it will be.

Create Focus in MLM Business!

Create focus around what you plan to do.Don’t make impetuous decisions and get a loss of purpose as you get carried away with the buzz and excitement that comes with the adrenaline rush of new start-up ventures. Many entrepreneurs start to run off in different directions when all they should be doing is taking assertive steps towards their target goal. More network marketing tips to help you with your keys to network marketing success.

Establishing Targets & Timelines!

Once you have set your goals, establish targets and create timelines to achieve them. Once you have done that try your best not to get distracted with other other creative ideas or dreams that may come along.

Don’t Be Distracted!

Another thing to be clear about that as you move into the planning stage don’t let other exciting ideas float in and distract you from your origin goal. Future upgrades can come in once the first version is tried and tested.

Just look ahead 2 to 3 years down the track and work towards completing those goals first. Always ask for feedback from your team and be open to suggestions to see if change is necessary. Be flexible because the lack of planning can be a problem further down the track. Not being flexible can be a sure way to failure if things were to go wrong, which most often will.

A successful entrepreneur always makes adjustments while not losing sight of his final destination.

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