In December of 2014 I was invited by my wife Vicki to accompany her to a Toastmasters‘ Event. Reluctantly I agreed to be her guest at the Christmas Breakup that year. I was petrified feeling I would be asked to speak. And I was asked and declined quite timidly.

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A New Toastmaster in 2015

While I was at the Christmas party of these happy, fun loving Toasties I saw a bunch of people who came from all walks of life. Quite happily they left their egos at the door and blended in and had fun. They were teachers, lawyers, plumbers and business people. They all had one thing in common – public speaking.

What intrigued me was that not all of them were great at speaking. In fact I saw some were terrible at speaking in public. Yet they were happy to come and learn.

To cut a long story short I decided that I would give Toastmasters at Sunshine Coast a go and in Jan 2016 went along shyly to the Toastmasters first meeting of the New Year at the Sands Tavern in Maroochydoor.

This is how I got started in Toastmasters.

If you want to know why I did decide to join you will need to wait for my next post on why I joined Toastmasters. 🙂

Claude Fullinfaw




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