How Does A Network Marketing Company Help You Make Money?

Imagine you are sitting at home having a chat with a friend. All of a sudden this pal of yours says “can you recommend me a good restaurant? I want to take Susan out for dinner this weekend.”

To his good luck you have a favorite Italian restaurant you love visiting every now and again. You give him a very good recommendation.

A few weeks later this friend bumps into you again. He thanks you for the great tip and says he just fell in love with your restaurant too. He also says he started to recommend the place to other people he knows
My question to you is “Are you getting paid for sending business over to this restaurant?” I doubt it.

What if you got paid every time someone buys on your recommendation? More importantly what if you get paid a small amount every time someone else who is in this network of users that you created starts to recommend that restaurant too?

This is the power of referral marketing. This is network marketing at its core. You have created a network of users that now a company needs to sends its products out to. Each time a parcel is shipped out, you get paid a small amount of money called commission to reward you for the network you created.

The bigger the network the larger the demand for products. Hence potentially you can get a larger check if people buy.

This is how you earn through network marketing.

A Story Of Two Friends

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