Every home based business owner must attend events to be able to experience success in their home business.

I have listed 5 reasons which in my opinion are very important in creating success in my network marketing home based business in Brisbane.

Five reasons to go for seminars

1. Get trained or educated
2. You get motivated
3. You get inspired
4. You get connected
5. You have lots of fun

Lets look at each of these five reasons and see why must we attend seminars and events.

Getting Trained or Educated

At seminars you get exposed to a variety of speakers. These people come from different backgrounds with different stories to share. Getting even one gold nugget of wisdom in the last hour of the last session on the last day is well worth sitting through the long sessions. Especially when they can possibly turn your business around. Sitting on your couch at home is certainly not going to find those people with those nuggets to share.

Getting Motivated!

At events you get excited and motivated to do things. This pumped up effect last for a few days or weeks long enough to help you get into action and create momentum in your home business in Brisbane.

As this motivation lasts for a limited period you need to periodically attend events to stay pumped up. By the way you will not get motivated just staying at home.

You get inspired!

At events you meet people personally who may share stories that could inspire you to feel you an do network marketing too. Speakers on stage share their journey that inspires me every time I attend. Inspiration lasts much longer than just being motivated. I get empowered when I am inspired . ?

You get connected!

At events you get to network with people forming sometimes long lasting connections. Networking is very important for business. Make it a point to connect with 10 people that may add value to your business at every event you attend.

I personally take a selfie with these people, add them to my Facebook and get their business card off them. A few days after the event I send them a short email thanking them for the connection. A month later I send them a thank you card with the selfie photo on the card. Over the year I send them two follow up cards. One at Christmas and another on their birthdays.

Lastly Having Lots Of Fun!

Seminars are heaps of fun. From the travel to the event, attending the sessions, dining out and meeting new friends sharing similar interests beats every thing else I know.

I hope you found this post useful.

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