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This is a short biopsy I did on a client recently when he asked me to look at his Facebook Fan Page.  If you have a fan page and not sure how to work it properly these tips may help you. GOOGLE + if of value.
Hi David here are some tips

Your main website

Its great website although I feel a few small tweaks can help make it even better.

1. Make it mobile friendly – it does not size well on mobile. This will prevent it from being in the first page listings in Google.

2. No video on this page.

3. Your Facebook snippet must have updates of whats happening on Facebook page too. This will make this page look even more exciting.

4. You don’t have GOOGLE Maps connected

5. You don’t have a My Google Business Listing yet

Your Fan Page
In the About section.

This should be completed thoroughly using up as much space allowed by Facebook. This is wasted shop front.

1. In short description add a bit more. Add your name, your mobile number as well as your website link. Try and fill this up fully. When you add your website link here it gets seen on the main Facebook fan page. It can tempt people to click through and go to your site.

2. Add your mobile number here instead. Please use mobile more often

3. I don’t see a long description here. This must be filled in. Write a long essay with paragraphs and insert that here. Add your website link after the first paragraph, half way through the story and at the end. Also add your mobile number and email here too after your name.

Main Page

You are great in adding information regularly here. Great stuff 🙂
Here are some small tweaks you can add to see more results

1. Take some YouTube videos (one or two a week about your topic and insert it here. It will draw more people to your page. By adding other peoples work your page now becomes a good source of information.

2. The people who like your photos, etc are potential prospects. Thank them in a comment by name and ask them what intrigued them that they liked your photo, video, etc. This will draw them hopefully into a conversation with you and possibly you may find out that they are looking at getting married or someone they may know who is looking. By interacting with them their friends will notice this and be drawn to your page.

3. Each week ask a question and see if you get a reaction. Add just one comment a day under each post for 3 or 4 days. This way a post will be seen everyday for that duration of comments and will be more alive and active in newsfeeds. Keep your questions or comments Twitter style – short

4. You don’t have any videos yet- try adding at least one every month

5. You don’t have any reviews yet. Ask your clients if they be kind enough to give you a review. It increase social proof.

PS: When a person starts to ask too many questions take it of Facebook as you don’t want someone hijacking your page and robbing you of a potential client.

I hope all this helps



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