I cant believe that I started my 2018 goals 30 days ago well before the year started and have not stopped since. I am stoked. This is probably mainly due to my strong vision and where I aim to be by December 15th this year.


Now in the last 2 weeks since my last post I have had the opportunity to listen to some very clever people. People actually who are 7 figure earners. These are pretty clever people and it was great to pick their brains. So today I will share some of their nuggets of gold I gleamed with you.

Why its so much easier, not impossible, to go after your dreams in today’s economy than ever before. Best of all you can do exceptionally well to. Probably you not believing this so keep reading as there is a great chance you will benefit from this information too.


Now you probably often hear of people complaining that life is hard, things at the supermarket are exceptionally expensive and there is not enough money to go around. Well that can be true for many things however if we dig digger we find that we can use these times to profit immensely too.

Do you know that things are cheaper now than at any other time on the planet?

Today we can literally buy any type of food at the markets from any part of the world easily and at an affordable prices. The same goes for communication where we can call our family half way round the world for free. Yes free. Isn’t this amazing too.

The same goes for clothing and the rest of the things you so easily can get your hands on.


So why then people complain that things are too hard to get? Why are people losing their jobs and then finding new jobs just too hard to get into? Well, its not the economy nor the government that is causing this problem as most people think. There is nothing wrong with either of these two.

So what is wrong then?

From Hard Times Arise Opportunities!

Before I talk about what is wrong let me tell you that in times of hardship arises opportunities. Great opportunities.

For example after the Great Depression of 1929 there were seen the greatest rise of the Millionaires world wide. The same was seen again after the 2008-09 stock market crash. So its not hard times that cause more hardship. Hard times such as the Global Financial Crisis is the market’s way to weed out the weak and shoddy companies that don’t offer true value to their customers. Sadly some people do lose their jobs but it can open many more doors for the ones that look outside the box.

So if its not the economy then what is it? Is its not the system that is broken then what is causing this hardship seen by many world wide right now?

Its Systems Being Overloaded!

It got to do with the load on the system that runs our economy. Not the economy itself.

Let me explain …

Imagine a super highway across the city. You want to use it really early in the morning. At 4 am in the morning you can get on that highway with ease and get to your destination relatively fast. No stop lights, no traffic jams. Its a smooth drive and you arrive on time. Why? Because hardly anyone was using the system or highway at that time.

However that same highway used at 5 pm on a Friday is a totally different story. We see it everyday in Manila in the Philippines. It will literally take you over 2 hours to just travel 8 km in Manila from Makati to Ortigas during peak hour traffic. However the same journey on a public holiday will take you about 8 to 10 minutes. Can you see the reason why? There is nothing wrong with the highway. Its got to do with the number of people using the road at the same time.


So its not the highway thats the issue but rather the load on the highway at that particular time.

So its the same with our economy. The system that runs the economy works and works well. However, today there are too many people competing for jobs and placing an enormous load on the system and its not working well. Its actually dis-functional.

So if you are trying to do well in a system that’s overloaded and broken then you are swimming upstream against the current. You got to look at other systems that work better, systems that are not overloaded and stretched to their limits.

I hope I have got you thinking how you can move forward in 2018 and make this year a better year.

If you want to get in touch please do so as I love to hear from you.

This is Claude Fullinfaw.


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