I thought I share a story close to my heart. Its about a lady who kissed her frog and now enjoys a life of freedom.


Last December many of you would have received the 13th month bonus from your company in the Philippines, am I right? How many of you actually did not spend that money on a new iPhone or a vacation last December 2017? Most would have either bought something new or paid off an existing loan of some sorts. I would too 🙂

But if you did buy something I bet you are enjoying the new gadget or the memories of the holiday just spent in the provinces. Its the way to spend the money. At least for many of us. After all we did work so hard for it, correct?


However, what if you had spent that money on something much more valuable than just a new gadget or a trip to a seaside destination? Just imagine the value that investment would reap in the months to come. Now if you are confused what I am going on about let me share a story with you here.

This story is from a Filipina in Philippines who was once a coffee taster in her company in Makati, Manila. She said that back in 2009 she had a bonus of 16,000 pesos given to her as the 13th month salary from her company. Unlike a few Filipino friends she had she invested that money wisely in the bank in fixed deposits. After 12 months she had earned a tidy interest of about a few hundred pesos on her investment. She was pleased as her investment was certainly growing.


Just about this time she was introduced to a network marketing home based business opportunity with a foreign company. Looking at the opportunity being presented she decided to withdraw her investment and take the whole amount and use that as the capital to get started in her own home business. Most people may think it is too risky to do that. I may have done so too. What about you?

Funnily enough the next 12 months gave her a return of just over 160,000 pesos. This was from her investment of 16,000 the year before. Prior to that the bank interest had not even taken her investment over a 1000 pesos. She was ecstatic and kept on working on her home business. I again met her in December 2017 in Makati, Manila.


She showed me how her small investment of 16,000 back in 2009 now pays her over 200,000 pesos a month. The best pay is that income keeps increasing because of the exponential growth of network marketing.

She is no longer a coffee taster for the company she once used to work for. She works part time for her self and drives a brand new Ford Lancer now. She owns her own apartment right on Palanca Street in Legaspi Village in Makati. I am so proud to have met her.


Just imagine if she had held on to her investment of 16,000. Where would she be today? Still tasting coffee, working for minimum wages in a city in Philippines. She was able to kiss her frog, face her fears and go after her dreams. Isn’t that amazing.

So if you have not spent your 13th month salary, the bonus, consider spending it wisely for your financial future. After all it will reap you far more money than just spending it on a gadget or a holiday.

If you are open minded drop me a message here and I will answer and help you. Probably you may even meet this special lady I mentioned above 🙂

Claude Fullinfaw

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