Here is a question that threw me a few days ago. If I were to ask you “would you kiss the most ugly, slimy frog you see would you”? Probably Not!

So let me tell you the story about kissing the frog and probably you will look at frogs differently. 🙂

A few days ago just after the New Year I was flying back from Manila in the Philippines to Brisbane, Australia. I had selected a book to take along for the flight called “Kiss The Frog” by Brian Tracey. The title caught my attention and as I had read books by Brian Tracey before I knew this would probably be just as good or even better.


Imagine if you had made a wish for this year and that was to earn extra income and probably start a home based business from home. You so badly want to make this happen and are hoping you get just the business opportunity to begin 2018. Your thoughts consume so much that they go with you every where you go.

Now while you are out walking through the fields one day behind your home deep in thought you take a short break and sit down on a big rock close to the water edge where the lilies float, quite near the bank of the river that winds it way through the fields.

Suddenly you notice the most ugly frog sitting near you and its looking up at you with the weirdest eyes. Now you start to feel very uncomfortable and begin to edge away along the rock as far away from the frog as possible. Just as you start to move away the frog starts talking to you in the sweetest and deepest of voices. He says that he is a prince and is very wealthy but sadly he was transformed into a frog by a cruel witch. The only way he can become a prince again was if someone like you kisses him on the lips. Frog’s Lips!

He says that if you kiss him he will marry you and you become a princess yourself and live in the castle across the valley.

You are most nervous as kissing a frog had never passed your mind, especially an ugly one like this frog. However the thrill to be a princess is so strong that you pluck up all the courage and do so and everything comes true after that. The frog becomes a prince again and you marry the prince.

This is Brian’s story. I loved it as I read the first chapter and wanted to share this story with you.


Brain Tracey says in life we have so many frogs in our life. These frogs could be any one of the many reasons why we never do anything worthwhile in our life. For example how often have we used excuses such as “I don’t have money”, or “I don’t have time”, or “I need to ask my spouse about this before I start”.

Have you said something like that to someone recently?

Well if you have then that excuse if your frog. Kiss that excuse goodbye and just start on the journey to change your life this year. Lets make 2018 a year where we do well in life. This is exactly what I am doing in 2018.

Its not easy but I am doing it anyway. After all my life is not easy right now. So doing something uneasy isn’t going to change anything. In fact it just may make things better. I am willing to kiss my frogs 🙂

If you love the story of ‘Kiss The Frog” why not buy the book and read every chapter in it. I am sure you will get lots out of it.

Now if I have motivated you to kiss that frog holding you back I am happy. Can you just LIKE this post as a sign of saying you did.

Claude Fullinfaw.

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