Its now 2 weeks since I starting my journey towards one of my biggest ever goals ever in my life. Its the 6th of Jan 2018 and I am on track so far. My goal is to be a Diamond in my company.

When I first started in network marketing I remember mentioning to one of the managers back ion 2006 that I would be a top income earner of the company within 6 months. That was way back in 2006, some 12 years ago. So why have I not gotten to my goal as yet?


Gosh if only I knew better. If only I knew that the same approaches that work in traditional business also work in MLM with slight differences.

What are these slight differences? Let me explain.

In the traditional world of business I could go after my dreams pretty much on my own. I could try different approaches without consulting anyone. However when you work with a large company we must abide by the company rules. This is very important. This is a very good thing as these rules keeps everything and everyone in check and working on an equal-fair playing field. I have grown to love this as its fair to everyone.

One Big Challenge I Faced!

However my biggest challenge was not from outside but from within myself. You see I had only grown as far as I had allowed myself to grow in the 20 plus years in traditional work. I had not sown any extra knowledge other than what I had picked up in college and that was 20 years prior to getting into MLM. This was hindering my rank advancement. If the space between my ears was not being sown in, how could I expect my exterior to ever change. I had to change the way I thought. After all our thoughts create our dreams, those dreams if worked on would then create our realities. But I had not sown anything new since 1982. How could I ever change with the old thoughts I had. There was no way this could happen.

Having The Wrong Expectations Can Lead To Wrong Results!

To make matters worse I had not sown any knowledge nor skills towards personal nor leadership growth in all the years I had been running my restaurant in Brisbane.

Now when I joined MLM in 2003 I was expecting to rise up and be a leader when I was totally not equipped to lead anyone let alone myself to start with. I was totally blinded to this. Can you imagine the big mistake I was making to think I could be successful in a business model than involved people. Involving people where they were not going to work for me. Rather work along side me. I could not force anyone to work for me as in a boos-employee relationship.

How Am I Changing My Reality?

So fast tracking forward to the end of 2017 and early 2018 I now am placing big emphasis on my personal growth everyday.

  • I say my affirmations at least 8 to 10 times a day.
  • I have actually set my alarm on my iPhone to go off every two hours to remind me of my goals this year.
  • I have also created a screen saver for my phone that constantly is in my face when I open my phone everyday.
  • I blog about my day everyday and add something to what I learn everyday to my blog. Just like what I am doing right now.

This is how I am creating my own reality. I am not leaving my goal or goals to chance. Rather creating or designing every aspect of what I want so nothing is left to chance.

So What Is Your Reality?

Are you also placing huge emphasis on what you are creating so you can see the fruits of your work in 11 months time. I guarantee you that if you do it will all be worth the effort.

Share your thoughts as I would love to read what you are doing in creating your reality too.

Lets grow our realities together.

Your partner in success.

Claude Fullinfaw

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