As I pass through my 13th day in my journey towards being a Usana Business Leader, A Diamond, the reality of it all starts to set in.


I realize that to become who I want to be I first need to believe that it can be me in that position, as a USANA Diamond Director. Believing is the first step towards this huge yet rewarding journey ahead of me. Unless I believe nothing will happen.

Let me explain what I mean here. If I believe that its possible, which I do, then I will start to implement steps and take the necessary steps or actions to make it happen. Unless I take action and do these steps nothing will happen. Its only when things happen and the right things take place will I see the results from the fruits of my hard work ahead this year. This is when the 3rd part of this 3 step process.

Be, Do, HAVE! If I carry all three out will I get to wear the Diamond Pin. All this will not take place if I don’t believe first.

So this takes me to my tile of this post “Cost verses Value”


How often do we acquire things and look at the cost of the item rather than the true value of something we buy. Let me give you an example here.

Imagine If I were to give you $500 as a gift and you bought a beautiful painting. Over time that painting may gain in value but only as long as there is a buyer who sees it’s value and is willing to pay the price you ask for it. Verses if I were to give you the same amount of money and you invest it in learning a new craft that over the years will pay you many times over as you use your new skill to make you many times the $500 invested.

So when you look at something just dont look at the face value of the item. Look to see what could you benefit from acquiring the item.


Why network marketing was value to me years ago. Many of you may know I was in traditional business for years. So why did I change over in 2003 and pick an MLM company to partner with.

I saw something in MLM when I first took a serious look in 2003. Prior to that I had tried a few times but never actually realized the true value of network marketing. It was only after I started to read books and listen to other people who had great success stories that I realized the true value of this type of business model. Not only would I gain income but I would grow as a person and leader within my firm as well as the community. There are so many benefits attached to MLM that it would take me hours to jot them down here. However one that stands out is “You are in business for yourself but not by yourself”. I would say this is probably one of the main reasons I joined besides the income attraction and product quality.


This has come to be so true over the years, upgrading my skills and developing as a person. I have actually changed and done so many things I have not done in my life prior to 2003. I have attended Toastmasters for example and learned so much in personal and leadership development through this organization. In addition I have invested so much in attended seminars held by Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and John C Maxwell.

Now most people may see that as a huge cost in money terms. I see value. I have learned so much from these great men that that knowledge has now placed me in a great position to be of value to countless others. This is priceless as compared to the few thousands I have spent so far acquiring that knowledge.

I hope you see what I mean here by cost verses value.


If you are thinking of doing something different and fearing about spending the money on the upcoming project consider what intrinsic value will it have or impact it will have positively on your career? How much will you gain from be in acquisition of that knowledge rather than not being in the know how? What advantage will you have in the market place where you perform? Some questions to ask yourself today.

In 2018 I am becoming more and more fearless. I am learning to ‘KISS THE FROG‘ as Brain Tracey will say. Facing my fears and challenging myself.

What about you? Are you going to be fearful or fearless and look for True Value in what you want.

Success to you in 2018 too.

This is Claude Fullinfaw on a short holiday in Brisbane Australia.

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