Have you ever tried going for a long trek over rugged terrain? Going for a walk with no real practice before the event?

Its never easy for the first one to 2 miles however its does get easier as you keep going. Your second wind kicks in and you find yourself settling into a rhythm pacing yourself out for the trip ahead. The walk does get easier with every step you take.

This is exactly what happened to us this week as we walked with Andrew in the forest to the south of Brisbane. As we started off from where we parked our cars and headed out into the woods behind the car-park, at first I felt winded and had no stamina in me to keep going. Its been months since I did any strenuous exercise of any sorts and I was getting tired easily. I was not fit for the walk. But I kept up with the group.

That’s how I felt for the first 30 minutes of the walk that morning. But gradually I begun to enjoy it. My lungs were getting used to the walking and my muscles were loosening up. I was able to take in the sights and sounds of nature around me and the walk became more pleasant.

So why am I sharing this walk with you here?

Well in 2018 you will be setting new goals and trying your best to get them accomplished. You will be stretching far beyond your comfort zone hopefully.

You may find it hard in the beginning as you start to learn new skills. It wont be easy at first. But just like my walk being hard in the beginning and then easing out to be rather pleasant. You too will find  find your journey towards your goals taking on a rather easier approach as you get accustomed to doing new things and becoming used to them soon.

Remember success is a series of small steps that done over time will give you the desired results you so much want. Repetition is the key.

I hope you benefit from this rather simple yet powerful tip about pushing yourself past the point where it then starts to get easier. Lets make 2018 a better year in our lives

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Claude Fullinfaw


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