Its been 4 months almost to the day when I first went to Manila to rebuild my USANA Business. I will talk about how I am rebuilding the business in the next post.

In September of 2017 I went to the Philippines and based myself again in Makati in the hope I could re-establish contact with old members of my Usana Business. Many have quit since I left in 2012. However a few have not done so.

Fortunately for me this time I was not starting from scratch like I did in 2010 but still had two original team members from 2010 -2012 who were keen to come under my wing and move forward again.

At first it all seemed so hard as people I once knew who were just beginners were now earning 20 times more what I was. I have had to suppress this victim mentality and look towards the future and put into place action steps that would take me forward and not backward. These people who are now Diamonds are being very helpful and supportive and helping me catch up with my goals. I owe a lot to each of them too as i move forward now in 2018.

The first thing I did  when I got back in Manila last September was to focus on just the two ladies who had stepped up and asked for help. I placed my own goals on hold as I knew if I could help these two people succeed I would too. In the first 6 weeks little seemed to happen. But gradually I started to see things begin to fall into place and growth happen. Looking back these 16 weeks since I first went to Manila to start doing Usana Business again I feel I have almost caught up to where I was in late 2012.

With an almost new team now moving forward into 2018 I am confident that the next 16 weeks will have growth many times more than what we have seen since September 2017. I have a lot of work ahead of me but am committed to make things happen and looking forward to a bright year ahead now.

On Jan 3rd I boarded a Philippine Airline flight back to Brisbane with a satisfied feeling of having accomplished much. I am taking a short break to see the family. Then back again to Manila soon.

Though the job has not been completed at least we have restarted and things are moving again now.

I will stay in Brisbane until January 28th 2018 and enjoy the company of my wife Vicki and the rest of the family. Next week I shall visit USANA Sydney for the USANA 20th Celebrations being held there. Shall catch up with old friends and shall enjoy this break.

Follow my trip over the next three weeks as I blog about my holiday as well as what I learn along the way.

This is Claude Fullinfaw now in Brisbane for a short break.

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